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Tackling an artform can be tough. Here are some crucial tips on how to become the best artist you can be.

Waiting for the Christmas miracle: How to believe in yourself and become an artist

Christmas is the right time to believe in miracles and your creativity, throwing all doubts away! Have you ever wanted to draw something nice but for some reason the end result was completely different from what you imagined? What exactly do you think is the problem?

A bad drawing is one with incorrect proportions of the characters, colors that do not transmit lighting, depth. These and other factors make the drawing unattractive and inappropriate. All of the above factors are the result of a violation of one of the four so-called basic drawing rules, which include:

  1. Perspective
  2. Anatomy
  3. Lighting
  4. Composition

There are two methods of teaching drawing. The first is so-called drawing by eye. This is the most obvious choice of drawing practice for beginners. Most amateurs start their career this way. The essence of this method is that first I look at what I want to draw, and then I try to depict it. When something doesn’t work out, then I draw it many times, each time trying to do it better – copy, copy, and so on until the desired result is achieved.

The second, correct method is drawing in three dimensions, drawing cubes and spheres in 3D space. In this case, the key is that in order to draw an object in three dimensions, you need to know the proportions and perspective for the object to fit correctly within. The advantage of this method is that when we know how to draw 3D models correctly, the proportions and perspective are done literally automatically and we just have to determine the point of light incidence, add shadows.

Both of these methods are based on the gradual study and understanding of how to build a single object in space, taking into account many factors, in the right way. To decide how to improve your skills, you need to understand the drawing process itself. Gradually, you will better understand and feel the concept of an object instinctively. 

At some point, you will already know how this object should be placed in three-dimensional space and how to draw a shadow when light falls from one place or another. This is an important stage, because only knowing and being able to draw basic shapes will you be able to build more complex compositions based on them in the future.

Tips on how to improve art skills from a professional illustrator

Victo Ngai is a Chinese American illustrator and winner of the Society of Illustrators Award. Her clients include The New Yorker, Dreamworks, and Apple. In one of her speeches, the artist shared tips on how to improve art skills, find your own approach to work, and enjoy drawing.

Find your niche

The artist advises looking for the right clients who can appreciate your work, then you won’t have to deal with uninteresting projects. To do this, you need to find your own niche and replenish your client list with companies that value what you do. The best work is when the other person trusts you.

Don’t worry about the future

Victo Ngai recommends ignoring all worries and just keep doing what you love. “It is pointless to worry in vain, it is better to focus on the present and make sure you do your best.”

Show interest in every project

There are no boring tasks, only boring solutions. You can always find interesting details in a story by telling them through illustrations. “Feel free to add personal vision and style to your projects.” – says the artist.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Ngai moved to the States to attend art school. After achieving what she wanted, she realized that she had the worst results in the class, despite her hard work. “I stopped worrying about coming up with something big and started sketching funny moments in life,” she says.

Push yourself to do more. “In the illustrator profession, the last 10% of effort separates mediocre work from excellent work,” says the artist. In some cases, it takes more diligence, even reworking, to get the perfect result.

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