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Audrey Seybold and her shortfilm 'Chatter' should be the next horror short film on your must-watch list. Don't miss out on it!

Why you need to know Audrey Seybold and her project ‘Chatter’

Chatter is a short horror film about a girl named Jasmine (Audrey Seybold). Jasmine is dancing in a warehouse by herself, believing the place to be empty. However, someone is watching her. The watcher wants Jasmine to keep dancing no matter the cost, but she can feel herself becoming trapped by a doll called Chatter. Or is she imagining it all?

Audrey Seybold is an actress, but she also co-directed this short film, named after the potentially hallucinated doll, with Ken Holmes.

Ken Holmes and Audrey Seybold wrote Chatter together as well. The production company which backed the project is Rain & Neon Productions. Seybold has worked with this company before on projects such as Old Hearts Cafe.

If you’d like to check out Chatter for yourself, which you should, you can do so on YouTube for free. Just click here to watch the three minute film.

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  • Audrey Seybold also made a film called Frames. Really eerie. She wrote a poem turned it into a script and then a silent movie. She is also a talented and unusual photographer.

    June 4, 2020

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