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'Harra and the Donkey' is a visually interesting short film with a combination of live action and animation created by filmmaker Chris Malone.

‘Harra and the Donkey’ directed by filmmaker Chris Malone

Harra and the Donkey follows the story of a character named Jonny Harra (Conor Marsh). Jonny is an illustrator who hits it big when he creates a comic strip featuring a goofy donkey character named Jacky (Alexander Hammett).

Jonny becomes famous internationally for his popular comic strip and becomes more successful than he or his wife could have ever imagined. However, eventually Jonny begins to feel burnt out – the constant demand of more Jacky works becomes a source of frustration.

The cartoonist decides it’s time for him to retire his beloved donkey character and sets out to write his final strip so he can return to doing what he truly loves – professional illustrations. However, as he works on the final comic strip something strange happens and Jacky comes to life. Not wanting his own story to end Jacky begins to interfere with Jonny’s work while trying to persuade his author not to end the series.

Jonny becomes increasingly more annoyed with his creation and even throws the cartoon out of the house multiple times. Jonny’s sanity and patience continuously deteriorate as he wrestles with the decision to finish the strip once and for all.

Harra and the Donkey was written and directed by filmmaker Chris Malone. Malone is a graduate of George Mason University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in film and video studies and a concentration in producing and directing. Malone had been involved in multiple productions already with experience in sound mixing, cinematography, and editing.

On the topic of Harra and the Donkey Christ Malone says he wanted to tell the story because “it touches upon subject matter that is relatable to artists and anyone else in a career that requires creative thinking”.

The filmmaker continues, saying, “ Sometimes, as creators, we get tired of working on the same project for months or years on end, even if we enjoyed working on it in the beginning. During these times, we think about stepping away from it and doing something different, but it’s all a matter of whether to stop the project altogether or simply take some time off from it and come back to it fully revitalized.”

Harra and the Donkey is a creative short film combining both animation and live action to create a visually intriguing narrative. Filmmaker Chris Malone has also won the Award of Prestige for this film at the Vegas Movie Awards.

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