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'Don’t Burst My Bubble', directed by Victoria Malinjod won two awards last year. Here's everything we know about this film.

‘Don’t Burst My Bubble’: A unique glimpse into life for young women

Don’t Burst My Bubble, directed by Victoria Malinjod won two awards last year. Best Short Film at the Florence Film Award and First Time Director at the New York Movie Awards. She also was selected as the best female filmmaker of Montreal International Indie Short Film Awards.

The film is about puberty – based on real testimonies from many women globally. A unique glimpse into the life of a young woman experiencing the world in a new light. Don’t Burst My Bubble peers into a specific phase in a woman’s life during puberty, which has been often overlooked by men.

The film has a social, feministic cinematic approach from the point of view of a girl and what she experiences by a simple walk down the street. 

The director Victoria Malinjod is a European actress who was born in France to a German mom and a Swiss dad. She grew up in Brussels, Belgium, and she has been acting since the age of eleven.

She first started writing and directing four years ago. Making a short film based on her own experience and on testimonies of many other women that she interviewed was important to her. This is her first movie as a director.

In regard to the film Malinjod says, “Don’t Burst My Bubble is based on my own experience and on many other testimonies. I believe we still don’t talk enough about this issue and I find it really hard to grow up in a society where we don’t have our complete freedom – where we don’t feel like we can wear, do or say whatever and whenever we want to.”

She continues to talk about the theme of the film saying, “street harassment starts much earlier than what most people might think. I believe that no one should have to go through that, but at a young age, it can be even more confusing. It feels like someone bursts the bubble you are in, that your naivety is suddenly gone although you are still a child.”

Her mission statement for the film is, “I hope that this short film will help people to realize the huge impact street harassment has on many young women going through puberty, but not only. This short film also delivers a universal message; that no matter your age, street harassment should be banned. I am confident this has to stop, for good.”

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