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Eve Metsäranta is a Finnish film & stage actress, singer and a professional dancer. Here's why you need to know her name.

Triple threat Eve Metsäranta: Why you need to know her name

Eve Metsäranta is a Finnish film & stage actress, singer and a professional dancer. She studied in the prestigious musical theatre program of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York and Los Angeles. She’s a diverse character actress with a wide range in both comedy and drama. In her own words, she’s most drawn into characters who are misfits or often misunderstood.

Other characters which draw her in usually have an exceptional way of thinking – whether they are murderers, psychopaths, narcissists or just your everyday-looking women. She often and usually plays strong independent women, but she’s very keen on experiencing human life in its all forms, so she doesn’t want to limit herself to playing only certain types of characters. 

Her most notable theatre credits include The Bodyguard in Finland, where she was cast in the first Finnish stage adaptation of the musical based on the music of Whitney Houston, and the famous movie of the same title. She has also had leading roles in Los Angeles in Wonder Women and The Dark Side of the Moon, a stage adaptation of the famous Pink Floyd Album praised and seen by the band members themselves.

On film her most notable leading roles include Ruby, an assassin who has to confront her long-gone brother in The Forgiveness, preacher woman filled with hate towards homosexuals in Well Wishes, and Jessica, a woman unaware of the evil going on in the film The Haunted House.

Ms. Metsäranta resides in Los Angeles, where, besides acting on film and stage, she holds a contract with Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers professional dance company with various performances around the US. She was the only international artist who was offered a performing company member contract for her first season in 2017-2018.

Eve Metsäranta is currently finishing her third season as a company member with credits including The Patchwork Girl of Oz (Margolotte/Glinda/Hopper/Princess Ozma) and Jewish Child Story (Rebecca at the Well/Miriam).  She is also a company member of the American Immersion Theatre in the Los Angeles Troupe with credits including Of Sound Mind and Dead Body and Most Wonderful Crime of the Year (Melissa Meelisa), Murder at the Masquerade (Jessica Flesher) and Totally 80s, Totally Murder (Trish Hughs).

For a person of a young age she has a colorful background and she says her life has been shaped by everything she’s had passion for. Besides being a performer from a very young age, she’s also managed to complete her Master’s degree in Financial Management and Public Sector Accounting in Finland, and afterward she started her Ph.D. studies in Accounting in a Finnish university – also teaching in the same field before she finally decided to dedicate her life to a serious international acting career.

Ms. Metsäranta is dedicated to creating a long-term career as a highly skilled and diverse actress & performer, and believes achieving it by hard work and passionate dedication.

Besides acting, she loves to bring her visions to life on film as a director and writer. Through her acting work she pursues to give a voice to the people who never thought they were good enough or qualified enough to live the life they were meant to live. A stigma so familiar, especially to the Finnish people. The current project Metsäranta is working on is called Waiting for Samuel.

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