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A fade haircut is a fail-safe way to show off your fashion savviness and sometimes even bravery. Here's a guide for your very own haircut.

Bring a welcome change to your look with a fade haircut

A fade haircut is a fail-safe way to show off your fashion savviness and sometimes even bravery. As it ranges from low-key and modest to edgy and bold, you are guaranteed to find a look that matches your facial features and preferences. Do not hesitate to check out our guide to learn everything about this popular cut.

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What Does A Fade Haircut Mean? 

To ensure you know exactly what a fade cut is, we will provide you with a short definition. A fade is a haircut type that implies getting your hair on the back and sides cut with the help of either clippers or sheers so it decreases in length gradually. 

Similar to other cuts, a fade haircut has plenty of variations, which our website LoveHairStyles covers in more detail.

The Most Common Types Of A Fade Haircut 

You can categorize fade haircut types by the following criteria: how much hair is being removed, how smooth the change from long to short hair is and what pattern it follows. Depending on the amount of hair you take off, the fade can be skin or shadow. 

The smoothness of the transition is defined by a burst, taper, temple or drop fade, whereas the pattern suggests that a fade is low, high or mid.

The Difference Between A Skin Fade And A Shadow Fade

These two types of fade differ in the hair amount that is removed from your sides and back. When you go for a shadow fade, your hair length is simply descending without flashing bald skin. A skin fade, on the contrary, entails shaving your hair down to the skin, which is why it is also known as a bald fade.

A Temp Fade

A temp fade stems from a temple fade, which means that you only have the hair on your temples, as well as the nape, faded out. As the hair on the temples is not much shorter than that on the sides, this type of a fade is the most subtle. 

That said, it is a perfect option for guys who are getting their hair faded for the first time and not sure whether it will work for them. What is more, if you have a round or square face shape and looking for a haircut to visually make it longer, a temp fade is your way to go.

A Burst Fade

This fade type only employs the hair behind your ears, curving around them. The rest of your head, including the nape area, is left intact. Because it does not involve a lot of hair on the head, it is also considered a pretty subtle fade type and a great alternative for newbies. Besides, it is quite versatile, so anyone can benefit from it, especially men with a heavy jaw.

A Drop Fade

A drop fade resembles a burst fade in that they both trace the hairline around the ear. Yet, the drop fade also incorporates the hair around the neckline. As it makes your face appear longer and less bulky, it will work best for guys with round and square faces.

A Taper Fade

Being one of the most popular types of a fade haircut, a taper fade offers the golden mean for gents who want to look office-appropriate yet stylish and classy. It is not particularly high contrast, however, the silhouette it creates comes out outlined and dapper. 

The hair length changes from the longest around the parietal ridge to the shortest toward the nape. The transition is smooth and gradual, so you can rest assured that your haircut will suit any ambiance.

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A Low Fade

While looking more defined than a tapered fade, a low fade suggests that you remove the hair at the bottom and then blend it gradually into the top, tracing the curvature of your head. This haircut will provide you with an edgy yet smart profile, so you can flaunt it to both casual and formal events. When it comes to your head shape, guys with diamond, triangular and oblong faces will find it especially flattering.

A Mid Fade

If you are one of those men who always choose a happy medium, then a mid fade is a haircut for you. It is bolder than a low fade, yet not as sharp as a high fade. The starting point is usually somewhere in the ear area and the blending is pretty harsh. One of the best things about this fade type is that it suits every face shape, hair type, and personal style.

A High Fade

A high fade is daring, sharp, and eye-catching. Your head shape is not something that the barber will take into account for this haircut, as they will create a baseline between the bottom of your crown and the top recession. As it is so striking, it is literally made for Afro and flat-top hairstyles. Still, guys who have round or square faces will appreciate it too.

When you want to give your cut a stylish twist, it is hard to think of a better option than complementing it with a fade haircut. With the variety of options it offers, there is no doubt that you will choose the cut for your taste. And with our guide, it could not be easier.

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