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Fast Forward Style is a short film comedy where a fifty-year-old widow goes on dates with numerous men she meets on the dating website Fast Forward Style.

‘Fast Forward Style’ directed by Kari Kennon: Everything to know

Fast Forward Style is a short film comedy where a fifty-year-old widow goes on dates with numerous men she meets on the dating website Fast Forward Style. The movie is a satirical comedy about dating and the modern world.

The director, Kari Kennon, is a graduate of Centenary College of Louisiana and has a bachelor’s degree in theater. She had worked in productions both as an actor and as technical support for Louisiana State University of Shreveport. Kennon has lived all over the country and studied in workshops in places such as The New York Film Academy, The Omega Institute, and Houston Community College.

Fast Forward Style has received the honor of being in the top 20 list at the Louisiana Film Prize, and has also had a premiere in at the Silicon Valley International Film Festival in California.

Kennon describes the film as, “Our protagonist Caroline reluctantly joins Fast Forward Style, the dating website, at the coercion of her best friend Katherine (Dr. Karen Pendleton).  She goes on six dates with a variety of men, all of whom were actors here represented by the Landrum Agency in Shreveport.”

Continuing, Kennon praises one of her actors saying, “Shooting this film was very smooth other than the fact that we lost a day due to intense April rain.  Tanya McMaster (Caroline) had not acted since college.  She brings a level of transparency to her part. Every thought in her brain is perceptible without a word or movement.

“What’s more is she has an uncanny ability to listen to her partners.  She really absorbs them and listens with such intensity.  Fortunately Fairfield Grocery in Shreveport had enough distinct nooks that we were able to shoot three of Caroline’s dates there and give the impression that it was three different restaurants.”

The short film is a palatable 12 minutes and 30 seconds, and Kennon assures potentially viewers who have experience with dating apps that Fast Forward Style “is not an exaggerated depiction” and is actually “relatable”.

Kari Kennon also reflects on the current state of the world and what it means for the future of her career by saying, “I love Fast Forward Style but in the future, I’m just not sure what is relevant and worth the time and the resources to produce.” She follows up with, “We make meaning where we can. We have to be innovative about the ways we create meaning in digital media whether it be a film or a video game or some other format.

“How do we stage a new scene with new literal or metaphorical statues? Some new creations need to rise up out of the rubble that are perceptible on a collective level in each region of our country to fill the holes. Creating a filming schedule is a ritual that you share.  Filming a film is a ritual.

“Sitting down in a theatre and watching a film about a crawfish festival in your home town is something you share with people in your hometown and reflect on together.  Making meaning from the local community and sharing local stories is important.

“A lot of our traditions and institutions are hollow to young people today. The thresholds that are supposed to induct us into adulthood are not effective anymore. One in six Americans is on some form of antidepressant.  We have to put money into new formats of storytelling where people can interact safely and meaningfully.”

Kari Kennon’s reflections are important, thoughtful, and inspiring. The way she carefully considers the world around her and what her next step in her career will be has us eagerly awaiting to see what she will do next in her career.

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