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Writing an essay analyzing a movie isn't as simple as it may seem. We try to help you organize your thoughts and write a great essay analyzing a film.

How to write a film analysis essay

What could be easier than writing an essay analyzing a movie? It seems to be simple: watch a movie and write your impressions and thoughts. But everything usually sounds easier than it really is and you should always remember not only about the structure but also the literacy of your thoughts. In this article, we will try to help you organize your thoughts and write a great essay analyzing the movie.

Apart from other hobbies, students still are fond of watching movies. Let’s see which of the films are really worth writing about in the research papers.

1. Introduction

The introduction should include background information about the movie you watched, which is its title, release year, and director. You can find some interesting information about the movie you have watched, do not hesitate to visit other sites for extra info. 

A clean movie background and short description can not contain spoilers, and that is important. By the way, sometimes it is worth exploring the director’s activities and his own thoughts about the movie you are writing about, sometimes the director is sharing his own details. 

When you write about the main idea of a movie, feel free to share your own impressions of the film. Last but not least, what should be included in your introduction is a bright quote that will add intrigue to your essay. Of course, it must be from the movie and explain either the main idea or the main plot of it.

2. Summary

If you’re afraid of missing something when writing an essay about a movie, then imagine that your teacher has not seen it, and then you will be sure that you have been touched by all the major aspects of cinema. The main method students use when writing an essay is to answer the five Ws: when, what, who, where, and why.

All your thoughts about the movie must be underlined by some thesis or phrase from the same movie. Otherwise, your arguments will have no weight.  If you do not know how to finish this part (or any part of your essay), contact professionals who write cheap authentic essays and let them do it for you.

3. Analysis

Actually, this is the main essence of writing an essay that includes your critical analysis of the film and its impressions. The main thing that should be contained in this part of the essay is your quotations and thoughts. Quotations, as we have already written, must be either from the film itself or from its resources. Read more about best movies that all students should watch here.

In addition, remember that films are complex works of art. They have an impact on people who watch them. Movies in education are a very interesting topic and it has to be fully opened. They have many creative elements that are interconnected. What you have to do is describe these elements in this form and analyze them, describing your point of view.

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A good scenario should have a logical sequence of events, it should be interesting, the scenes should have their completion, there should be logical character development and interesting dialogues. Get inspired by the article about “short” and start finishing this important part with new knowledge. All those are the elements that you need to analyze when it comes to the scenario.

If after watching the movie you cannot find the answer to at least one of the questions in the story, or you do not understand the motivation of the characters, then it is also important to write about it. 

It’s no surprise that actors within the Hollywood machine want to break out of their mold. Here are actors who’ve got a taste behind the camera.


This part should be entirely dedicated to the director’s work. Did he manage to realize the screenplay in a good movie and direct the actors in the right way? It may be worth comparing this movie to other works by this director. This will help you come to some conclusions regarding the methods of directing.


Here it is important to pay attention to the cast and the individual actors who played roles in the film. Did they manage to get into the role and be realistic? Did they fit into their role? Give your opinion.

For a musician, or for a music lover, what could be merrier than watching a movie which drafts the things they love. Here's films which feature the piano.

Musical elements

You should pay attention to the matching of the selected music to the scenes. Was it appropriate, or conversely, distracting? Music should set the mood: was it appropriate to the events shown on the screen?

Visual elements

It takes into account not only special effects but also the costumes and makeup of the actors. They should reflect the atmosphere of the film. This is especially important in historical films, where every detail matters and every subject has to fit a certain era. Pay attention to the costumes, their authenticity to the expediency of the actors’ images.

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4. Final words

It is worth repeating the basic ideas of your essay and briefly describe its basic ideas and theses with their confirmation. It is always a good idea to relax a bit before writing a conclusion: watch some inspirational movies for students, get your head clean and then finish the essay with new strength.

It is also worth noting whether you recommend this movie for viewing or not and, if necessary, briefly remind you why.


Actually writing an essay about a movie is really not too difficult. The main thing is to follow the scheme and explanations described in this article. This will give you a lot of fun and a high mark for your essay.

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