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Documentary film 'Guardians of the Grassland' is hitting the film festival circuit. Get to know the directors of the passionate movie.

Film festival circuit: Get to know the directors of ‘Guardians of the Grassland’

Guardians of the Grassland is a documentary about the Canadian grasslands – or prairie. This massive ecosystem is disappearing at an alarming rate, and is actually considered one of the most endangered in the whole world.

The film is a collaboration between passionate conservationists and local ranchers. It turns out cattle – once thought to be an enemy in the fight against global warming – may be providing the most hope for what’s left of the landscape, for both plants & animals.

Sarah Wray and Ben Wilson co-directed Guardians of the Grassland. Both of them have a deep passion for sharing powerful stories. Wray is a self described farm girl turned social media strategist and Wilson is an aerospace engineer turned freelance filmmaker.

The two started working together in 2009. Their first project was an online community called Now, Wray and Wilson have their own independent media company, Story Brokers Media House, allowing them to hone their skills and passions “for telling authentic and engaging stories by working with clients across Canada”.

Many of their clients are part of agricultural organizations, and Wray & Wilson work from the rural community of Bashaw, Alberta to tell their stories. The duo’s work have reached millions of viewers around the world.

Guardians of The Grassland has been selected by numerous film festivals over the past few months and its message of shedding light on the important & controversial topics of food production and climate change will have the opportunity to reach more audiences because of it.

You can find the energetic, yet heartfelt trailer for Guardians of the Grassland on their official website, as well as information on how to host  a screening of the film in your own community.

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