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Here’s why you need to read ‘The Guide For Every Screenwriter’ now

Writing a script is a daunting task, with its own specific style and methodology. There are dozens of books, workshops, and seminars an aspiring screenwriter can pursue in an attempt to find the secret to unlocking a successful screenplay. 

Every screenwriter wants to produce a script that they’re proud of, and Geoffrey D. Calhoun’s The Guide For Every Screenwriter has become our go-to guide for scriptwriting. In fact, because he’s so passionate about cultivating the work of aspiring screenwriters, the Kindle version of The Guide for Every Screenwriter is only $2.99 today! Here’s why this book will change your scriptwriting forever.


Geoffrey D. Calhoun knows screenwriting

If we’re asking anyone for advice on our script, it’s Geoffrey D. Calhoun (Finding Nicole, Heroes from Heaven, S.O.S). Not only is he the best selling author of The Guide for Every Screenwriter, but he also founded the website We Fix Your Script, and serves as the director of Script Summit, the foremost festival dedicated to supporting scriptwriters.

Geoffrey D. Calhoun is one of the most sought out script consultants and a re-writers in the indie film industry, tackling and reworking scripts in various stages of development and production. While he’s known for his fast-paced thrillers, Geoffrey D. Calhoun has also won awards for comedies and dramas. 


Geoffrey D. Calhoun’s film festival and contest awards include the Louis Mitchell Award for Excellence in Writing, as well as numerous other honors. He believes everyone is a writer at heart and has dedicated himself to help others learn the craft. Geoffrey D. Calhoun’s seminars are designed to break down the mysteries of screenwriting by using easy to follow templates, outlines, and modern popular films as examples.

Just a fraction of Geoffrey D. Calhoun’s insight can be a game-changer for a script, and his book, The Guide for Every Screenwriter, provides much more than that.


The Guide for Every Screenwriter

What does The Guide for Every Screenwriter offer that differentiates it from the dozens of other books on screenwriting? Geoffrey D. Calhoun manages to finally break down screenwriting in a way that is simple and straightforward. 

His efficient instruction manual isn’t filled with waxing poetic chapters that drone on about the craft of screenwriting. Instead, Calhoun offers a clear and concise guide, with sample-outlines and templates that allow writers to understand the need for the process, by distinctly defining the goals achieved by the end result. 


Geoffrey D. Calhoun’s The Guide for Every Screenwriter provides several precise reference tools, all connected through his unswerving advice. Leaving his readers feeling ready to tackle their next script with his solid guidance as a reference point, with his information serving as a side by side checklist for your writing process. 

Even experienced scriptwriters will find Geoffrey D. Calhoun’s insight as a refreshing inspiration for revitalizing their craft.

What do other screenwriters have to say about the guide?

Emmy award-winning director and author of What Film Schools Don’t Tell You, Kelly Schwarze explains, “There are so many books on screenwriting. Although many of them offer tips on structure and development, few books deliver the information into something digestible for aspiring writers. The Guide for Every Screenwriter is one of the most efficient instruction manuals on the craft.  

“Geoffrey D. Calhoun cuts past the verbose film school expository, and gets straight to work, delivering a sample-driven checklist that anyone can follow. What’s remarkable about this book is how quick it is to apply to your work. It serves as a side-by-side companion for the writing process. I recommend this book to anyone looking to write a screenplay, and to any professional needing a refresher.”

Pete Turner, Host of The Break It Down Show, also raves about The Guide for Every Screenwriter, sharing, “I read The Guide for Every Screenwriter in one sitting. Geoffrey D. Calhoun’s book provides insight any storyteller, not just screenwriter, can use. The guide had me thinking about my script and inspired me to write within the first ten pages.  

“What makes this book elemental for a writer is the specific simple framing of an extraordinarily complex process. Everyone has bits of their movie in their head . . . for those of us still learning the craft; it’s easy to let a story overwhelm us and lead to failure. Geoffrey’s book reaches down and provides accomplishable steps to not only get past the pitfalls but also profoundly improve a great idea into a wonderful one.”

Even the award-winning filmmaker Morgan I.P. Fics, MFA happily commends Geoffrey D. Calhoun’s book, “When it comes to the world of screenwriting there are several different books that discuss the foundations of the craft. Calhoun’s book, The Guide For Every Screenwriter From Synopsis to Subplots: The Secrets of Screenwriting Revealed, may appear no different at first glance, but deep within its core are several precise reference tools and some unswerving advice, all of which comes across as solid, well-founded, and informative. 


Through a combination of his notion as to how the writing process works, his understanding of structure, and his practical experience in the industry, Calhoun refreshingly offers up an approach to screenwriting that is of value to novices and pros alike.” 

Screenwriters looking to gain continuous knowledge from Geoffrey D. Calhoun and The Guide For Every Screenwriter can follow Calhoun’s screenwriting-focused Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages as well.

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