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Word count is an essential perimeter used when judging the quality of an essay. Here are tips to help you make your essay longer.

How to make an Essay Longer

Word count is an essential perimeter used when judging the quality of an essay. If you’re doing an assignment whose word count was specified, make sure you fulfill this requirement. Anyway, if you would love to buy essays online if you would love to simplify your work.

Getting to the required word count can sometimes be hard. This is common when you’re addressing a complex topic that has limited research material. Sometimes you can research for an entire day and still not get to the required word count. 

Students might be tempted to veer away from the topic of discussion so that they can have more words to write. However, this is a bad idea because you’ll lose marks. 

There are hacks you can use to make your essays longer without diluting your content. Make sure you use impressive grammar and comprehensively expound on each point. 

As you write, remember to paraphrase your research material to avoid plagiarizing someone else’s work. Here are tips to help you make your essay longer. 

Use examples

The first has to help you make your essay longer is using examples. Make sure you look for relevant examples so that you don’t end up missing the point. 

Backing your points with examples is also an excellent illustration strategy that will earn you more points. Accurate examples strengthen your argument, especially when you attach relevant links.

Use phrases/words to transition ideas

Transition words and phrases not only make essays longer, but they also boost readability. Make sure you use these transition words naturally, so they don’t appear forced. 

Using these phrases is actually necessary because jumping from one idea to the next without warning makes your essay look substandard. 

Some of the transitional words and phrases you can use include;

  • Of course 
  • However 
  • Moreover 
  • In light of
  • Demonstrating that
  • Therefore 
  • Firstly/ secondly 
  • Likewise 
  • Equally 
  • In conclusion 

Try Reverse Outlining 

Many might now understand the meaning of reverse outlining, so let’s begin with the definition. This is creating an outline for your essay after you finish writing. You’ll need to read back through it to do so. 

This helps you re-organize your content so that readers can make more sense of your paper. Reverse outlining allows you to identify sentences and points that could use more clarification. 

Revers outlining not only make your essay longer, but it also ensures that you write an elaborate paper. If you notice that there’s a point that can be split in two, do so and add a few sentences to each point. 

Go over each Point

I know, at this point, it feels like you’ve gone through your essay a million times. But you realize that each time you read your paper, you make it even better. Besides, you have nothing to lose by going over your points one last time. 

If you have convoluted sentences, try and split them so that they make more sense. Whether you manage to add just one word, it makes a big difference since these random words add up. 

Use Expert 

Finally, you should include expert quotes in your write up. Quotes take up space because you should not paraphrase them. Don’t overuse them because then your paper will feel unoriginal. 

Site the sources of these quotes to avoid plagiarizing people’s work. The readers also need to know that you are not misquoting people.

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If you go through all these steps, you’ll get to the word count you are targeting. If you don’t, then maybe you should submit your paper as it is. Remember, it’s better to submit quality than worry too much about the quantity. As you follow these prompts, make sure you don’t dilute the quality of your content in the process.

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