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Are you an aspiring blogger? Here are some useful tips on how to start your own blog and be successful.

How to start your own blog

Blogging is a hobby and source of income. While it might take some time before you can make some money off a blog, it will definitely be fulfilling if you like writing. This is a brief guide to help new writers start a blog of their own. 

Practice publishing on other sites

Before you invest in a blog, it’s wise to first write on other platforms to test your skills. You should look for platforms that only publish legit stories and experiences. You will learn a great deal by seeing how they review and edit your articles before publishing them and the feedback you get from readers on those articles. 

The website of John Doe is a great platform where you can anonymously publish your articles. This practice will also help you build a network with other bloggers, which is crucial for new bloggers. 

Decide your niche

A writer can’t write on everything. You may be able to write your experiences, stories, and one niche of your expertise. Choose a niche that you already know a lot about. For example, if you are a diehard soccer fan, I suggest you start a blog related to this sport. 

You will become an expert if you keep writing in just one niche. This means you will be able to provide valuable information and insights on the topic. 

Get a domain and website

Once you know that you have the right mindset and skills for the blog, you will need to buy a domain. A domain is a website name; for example, You can get a domain for as cheap as $5 with hosting if you wait for an offer or discount. The next important thing is a website, which you can get for free by installing a WordPress theme and then altering it according to your need.

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