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'Shoe Horn/Office' is a short experimental film meant to encourage audience members to examine the sexism in women's clothing.

‘Shoe Horn/Office’ directed by Ingrid Nachstern: A must-watch film

Shoe Horn/Office is an experimental film directed by Ingrid Nachstern. This film is being considered an indie arthouse film which explores the restrictive nature of women’s clothing throughout the ages.

Shoe Horn/Office aims to encourage viewers to contemplate the sexism not only inherent in many of women’s fashions throughout the years, but also in general. The film puts the concept of the male gaze and objectification of women at the center of it all.

This film was recently honored with the award of Best Experimental Film at the Venice Shorts in California to add to its list of recognition. Shoe Horn/Office has also won an Remi award at the 51st WorldFEST in Houston, Best Experimental Film, at the Los Angeles Movie Awards, the Award of Merit at the Best Shorts in California, and many others.

This short film had its screening at the Brooklyn Film Festival.

Ingrid Nachtern, the director, is also the director of the Night Star Dance Company, which was established in 2003. She has three screendance/experimental films: Table Manners, Stopping at Red Lights, and Freedom to Go! have all been screened internationally winning a total of seven awards.


Nachstern has also performed in many prestigious locations including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

As director of Shoe Horn/Office Nachtern said her aim in making this short film, as well as all of her other projects, is to get audience members to examine their attitudes toward the important topics of today including “pornography, bourgeois convention, child beauty pageants, sexism” and others.

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