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Barron Smith's 'The Last Rest Stop' is a psychological thriller you can't miss; this short film is filled with suspense.

‘The Last Rest Stop’ directed by Barron Smith: You need to watch it

Barron Smith is a storyteller through and through. From his early days in college studying communication, to writing stories while at sea with the Navy, he has always found writing to be a passion of his. But he’s far from just an author. 

Smith has written several short and feature length films, TV pilots, as well as his various poetry, fiction, and nonfiction literature. On top of writing, Smith stepped behind the camera and directed several short films as well, most recently The Last Rest Stop. 

Focusing on a college-aged girl coming home for the summer, but fighting against the biggest monster of all: sleep deprivation. But the minute she begins to doze off, the world around her changes. Can she make it home, or will the sleep exhaustion win the battle?

A new kind of psychological thriller

If you couldn’t guess from the plot description, The Last Rest Stop is a psychological thriller. But it’s not just some serial killer following their victim kind of film. The Last Rest Stop takes what should be a rather mundane trip and adds a thrill to it with a threat we all know too well. 

All of us have definitely gotten behind the wheel of a car when we shouldn’t have, and tried to fight off the yawns and dozing as we drove to our final destination. Adding the thrill into it shows us how scary such a situation can truly be, especially for a new person who’s only been driving for 5-6 years.

The perfect story 

Of course, while the camera itself is just as important in getting the thrill of suspense right, no film can work without a great script. Thankfully, Smith is a writer first, filmmaker second, and knows how to make this concept work. It’s impossible to make a strong movie if you don’t have a strong script. 

Taking such a simple concept, Smith stretches Tasha’s drive home into a short film length by creating tension as she slowly but surely dozes off behind the wheel. Especially with how boring a movie taking place in minimal locations can be, the script needs to be interesting to keep people focused on the plot.

Great all around

But don’t think we’re just complimenting the story because the rest of the movie is slacking. Smith is clearly a multi-talented filmmaker, as he can not only write an excellent film, but bring the vision to life in a unique and interesting way.

The Last Rest Stop isn’t just some old classic psychological thriller, as Smith takes care to make it stand out. You can watch any of his films and know not only is the story on point, the rest of the film will leave your jaw on the ground in amazement. We can’t wait to see what comes of his scripts for sale, and any future shorts from Smith.

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