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The newest addition to the video search engine game is Petey Vid. Here's a comparison between Google Video Search and Petey Vid.

Google Video Search vs. Petey Vid: Everything to know

The newest addition to the video search engine game is Petey Vid. Petey Vid promises to provide diverse, non-biased results to your video searches, without collecting, saving or selling its users’ information. Living in a Google-focused world, we wanted to pit Petey Vid versus the search engine giant, Google Video to see how the two matched up.

Our expectations for the match-up

Knowing what we do going into our Google Video Search vs. Petey Vid matchup, we obviously have some expectations. Since YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, we are definitely expecting YouTube’s offerings to be featured prominently. In fact, it’s hard to remember that there are other video platforms out there. 

We expect Petey Vid to feature videos beyond YouTube, but we’re guessing that Google wins just for the sheer number of videos returned. While Petey Vid may include a more diverse platform, Google will probably yield more results.

A head-to-head comparison: Google Video Search

Luckily, we’ve been on the hunt for a good JavaScript online tutorial video, which seems to be the perfect match for such a comparison. Creatures of habit, we brought our search to Google Video Search first. 

Not a surprising development, Google’s results definitely were quick and lengthy. We did note that 10 pages of results in, and everything was still coming up YouTube. That having been said, Google does offer the option of sorting YouTube out of the results.

The question is, are all of the best JavaScript tutorials on Youtube? Or are we missing out on good content when using Google Video Search? Is there a way to just sort by content vs. source?

A head-to-head comparison: Petey Vid

We’re feeling ready for round 2. Petey Vid is totally focused on searching videos, so we have some high hopes for strong results. 

We did find some nice surprises in Petey Vid. While it’s definitely still coming up with YouTube videos, there are a variety of options from other sources. Despite a wider variety of sources, there seem to be far fewer results, but do we really need 61 million videos?

Other noticeable differences include Petey Vid’s ability to sort videos is clear and easy, while Google users have some extra clicking and digging to find a way to clarify results. Additionally, Petey Vid has other notable features such as filter options, switchable list/grid view, and user options for sorting searches, plus the option to find trending hashtags, sorting videos by what’s hot now.

Behind the screen differences

Petey Vid’s big draws are in both the diversity of the results and the inherent privacy of the site. Petey Vid doesn’t save IP addresses or user data. Meanwhile, we all know we just have to think about what we might want to search on google, and suddenly we’re getting ads for it. 

We’re definitely digging the new options that Petey Vid brings, now we just need to retrain ourselves to hit Petey Vid first.

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