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The ‘School of Rock’ movie isn’t perfect but came with many happy moments. It’s worth watching to learn how to tap into a student's creativity.

The main idea of the ‘School of Rock’ movie

Jack Black is a big fan of rock and roll. He played the central character in the School of Rock movie. He is a lover of music and stays up to date with all major music fans and songs. In the movie, he formed a band known as “No Vacancy,” where was a guitarist and singer. He was, however, full of immaturity and childish stage antics that his band members voted him out. 

Jack Black was dejected with no clue on what to do next. Luckily, he had a very patient roommate Mike White. Mike was a teacher and was pressured by his girlfriend to evict Jack from the room or pay his overdue share of the rent. Jack impersonated Ned as a teacher when a call requested for Ned to take a teaching Job at Horace Green Elementary School.

While in school, he had no idea how to go about teaching the kids. Instead, he tells them to enjoy themselves. While this is one flaw with the School of Rock storyline, it came with a Brightside. He gave his student a class project involving coming up with a rock band. He taught the students all he knew about rock music and its history.

Jack was happy when he discovered some music talent among his students. Almost all students got a role, and even the one he did not expect to be excelled in music. This will teach us some considerable lessons that we will discuss later on.

One of the strong points and lessons of this movie is that the enthusiasm of someone can bring out the best and even hidden treasures in others. The film was directed by Richard Linklater, which was a mix of comedy and music videos. As students in college, you can pay to write essay and other term papers which give enough time and energy to pursue your passion. 

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One of the highlights of the movie is about the Horace Green Elementary school principal. She became Jack’s friend when he discovered that she was a secret fan of Mac. He was even able to get his school band into a local competition.

Lessons learned in the School of Rock Movie

Encouraging students to watch a movie is not always a waste of time. At times, I wish I could get someone to do my statistics homework for me. This is now possible thanks to the abundance of online assignment help available. Here are some of the lessons to consider:

Developing Confidence: one of the highlights of the film is when Jack allowed the student to join the band. This freedom led to creativity, which allowed them to expressed themselves and built confidence in their ability. 

Teamwork: Working as a team is a skill that students will need in every area of life. The ability to develop it at a tender age will go a long way in preparing such a kid for the future. When the kids joined the band, they all depended on one another for the success of the band.

Real-Experience: the student via their teamwork ability tried to win the battle of the band competition. While they did not win, they got the satisfaction that came from playing before a live audience and their parents.

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