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The fantasy book 'Pix: Flight of the Phoenixes' has grown popular on Twitter, and already dream casting a film adaptation. Who will Dwayne Johnson play?

Dwayne Johnson Voted Most Likely to Play Sonca of Gaara of Film Adaption of Lynn Leonard’s Book, Pix: Flight of the Phoenixes!

The second chapter of Pix: Flight of the Phoenixes has been released on Lynn Leonard’s website, and fans express their opinions by participating in an online poll about the growing in popularity book. 

In the poll, the author mentions if the book was given a film adaption, who they would choose to play Sonca of Gaara. In the book, Sonca of Gaara is the father of the main character, Pix. It is mentioned he’s a heavily regarded warrior, but also a compassionate and loving father to his two children: Pix and Peyton of Gaara. 

The character of Sonca has such an influence, even kids in a small town were motivated to spend more time with their fathers upon being read the first chapter by a teacher. 

The fantasy book 'Pix: Flight of the Phoenixes' has grown popular on Twitter, and already dream casting a film adaptation. Who will Dwayne Johnson play?

Fan favorite fathers are nothing new when it comes to entertainment especially in video games. For example, fans were absolutely torn when it came to Joel’s role in The Last of Us 2 due to how much of an emotional impact Joel had with his fan base. 

Fans were surprised but won over when Kratos of the hit video game series, God of War, grew into a stern yet loving father to his son; however, strong father figures and more over strong parent figures are still rather new in the book world. Most books that evolve around children’s fantasy, the parents are often absent or rarely involved at all. 

To acknowledge the fact Sonca is rather popular among the readers of the book, Leonard took to Twitter to post a poll. 

With three popular actors and one actor known for a previous role in magic, fans took to casting their choice. From the start, it was going to be obvious Jason Momoa and Dwayne Johnson were going to be neck and neck. Sure enough at the end of it all, Dwayne Johnson came out the victor with a majority of the votes. 

The fans voted for Dwayne Johnson but anything could go with Hollywood. If the book continues to grow in popularity, there’s a good chance a film adaptation could in fact be in the works or even a TV show. 

Lynn Leonard created their Twitter in August, along with a Weebly based website to host the chapters of the book, and also lacks representation from an agent. For this book to be getting as much attention as it is, that’s a pretty big accomplishment going into the year 2021.

When reaching out to Lynn Leonard, it was asked what plans were next for Sonca and overall the book, Pix: Flight of the Phoenixes. “Two chapters have been released for all those to read for free. Kids, parents, families and anyone else really.” Leonard states. “What’s next is me writing the rest of the book. I hope to release it at the end of this year or the beginning of next year!” 

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