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Sarah Kershaw is a new and vibrant filmmaking talent with a background in music. 'FOUR PLAY' is the first of a series of short films she has planned.

Indie Film of the Day: ‘FOUR PLAY’ by Sarah Kershaw

Sarah Kershaw is a new and vibrant filmmaking talent.

She’s a musician who holds a first-class honors degree in classical piano. She’s been working as a successful classical performer, composer, actress, singer, and artist. With that creative background it’s no surprise Sarah would eventually turn her very creative hand to film. FOUR PLAY is the first of a series of short films she has planned.

Sarah was inspired to create a piece of work not only erotically charged but also stimulating creative sensuality. She began FOUR PLAY on Tumblr, acting as both model & muse. She created a loyal fanbase who came to the site for her honest and personal account of her own sexuality and thoughts on eroticism in general.

Sarah continues to be passionate about the many possibilities available in the erotic film genre. She’s inspired by how music can inform the erotic imagination and hopes to explore this audio/visual component further in future films.

FOUR PLAY is a bold, fearless, and seductive first film. It’s a visual exploration of all things amatory, taking inspiration from how music can inform the erotic imagination.

A woman sits alone writing music. As her imagination leads to deeper inspiration, her music and her sexual imagination intertwine.

Sarah explores new ways to display real, raw sexuality in order to enrich and broaden associations of what is considered erotic. She aims to create new visual connections that escape the clichés and norms of sexualized content.

Sarah treats the sexual act as art itself. With her creative work, she hopes to integrate sex into everyday aspects of life as opposed to placing it in a separate, taboo box. She aims to foster a more holistic view of sex and sexuality free from shame or stigma.

Find out more at Sarah’s website. FOUR PLAY will be screening at FutureFemmeFest this May in London.

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