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Apart from other hobbies, students still are fond of watching movies. Let’s see which of the films are really worth writing about in the research papers.

5 Movies Worth Student’s Research in 2020

We all love to watch movies. They not only entertain, but shape and develop us and even become our best friends and helpers when needed. Going to a movie on a romantic date or just hanging out with friends seems like a perfect way of spending time. 

But what if watching a movie should be considered as the reason for and the start of doing your college assignments or even writing a research paper? Of course, such a task seems not so pleasant. Fortunately, there are college movies category that will help you both relax and also learn a lot. 

So simply make a choice – to write by yourself or to look for some professionals like trusted research paper services to do your job for you. And then just find time and a possibility to watch some movies from the list offered below. We are going to make you acquainted with the films each student should know about in 2020.

1. Soul

In 2020, Pixar will not leave us without good and wise cartoons. Typically, Pixar cartoons are aimed mostly for children’s audiences, but adults will be happy to see Soul in theaters too. The main character of Soul is a school music teacher who wants to perform at a jazz club. 

Suddenly, the hero dies and gets into space, where he will continue his journey. What makes you a good person and where do our dreams come from? No, it is not a question you ask yourself when you write my paper. Those are the main questions this Pixar cartoon will try to answer.

2. Dune

A new attempt to film Frank Herbert’s novel with the same name was made by Canadian director Danny Villeneuve, a well-known director of such science fiction films as Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival. Moreover, they plan to divide the picture into two parts, since there is a lot to be said. 

This is a story about the intrigues on the planet Arrakis, inhabited by the desert of giant sandworms and where the most valuable substance in the universe is mined, and so the governments of other planets want to pay someone to get this useful territory under their control. Although the film is in the genre of fantasy, it shows the authenticity of human actions and characters.

3. 1917

A dramatic war film about two British soldiers of the First World War was nominated for an Oscar-2020 and the bookmaker predicted that it had the greatest chance of receiving an award in the “Best Picture” category. 

According to services, this film is recommended for students to watch, as it will show you a piece of history that will help you understand and write a paper about what was happening in the world in 1917. 

According to the story, the Schofield and Blake were given the difficult task of crossing enemy territory to convey an important message to the allied team. If their service fails, it will take the lives of too many soldiers.

4. Rabbit Jojo

This is an Oscar-nominated movie and one of the best movies now. This story tells of what happened in Germany at the end of World War II. A little boy named “I Johannes learned what a loss it was because his sister died. The boy is also affected by the lack of news from his father from the war. To find himself in this world, the boy decides to go to a military training camp to become so. 

He invents an imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler, but we see him in an unusual role for him, where he looks a little like a true ideologist of National Socialism. The biggest surprise for the boy will be the news that his mom is hiding a little Jewish girl at their home. It will turn the little Johannes world around. 

5. Little Women

Another nomination for this year’s Oscar was the film adaptation of the best-selling film by Louise May Alcott, which appeared in two volumes in 1868 and 1869. One of the girls – Meg wants to be an actress, and Beth skillfully plays the piano. Everything seems fine, but the girls are annoyed by the fact that they are forced to get married as if this is the most important thing that can happen in their lives.

While you think where to find help to do my essay for me, stop for a moment and read this article. This list will be interesting for students not only because of the good screen adaptations but also because it will allow you to look at our history and this world from another perspective.

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