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There could be a bunch of different causes to why are essays so hard to write for students. Here's how you can make writing essays easier.

Why Are Essays So Hard to Write These Days for Students?

It’s normal for students to stress over writing an essay. It’s one of the most challenging tasks to overcome, particularly for those who lack confidence in their writing skills.

In fact, statistics show that around 56% to 64% of students are not confident enough or know how to use statistics in their assignments. The interest in writing their own essays is so low that studies suggest, more than 16% of college students are willing to pay for online services to write their essays on any given topic.

Why is writing so hard for students?

There could be a bunch of different causes to why are essays so hard to write. Not every student is equipped with handling this type of challenging ordeal without stressing out.

Creating the ultimate college essay is by far the trickiest task to complete, especially if you have a lot at stake.  So, what could be the reason for such a complex assignment, why college essay can’t be as simple as writing a paper example or regular homework?

Let’s take a closer look at all the different causes to why is writing so hard for college students:

College essays have standards

Every university has to keep up a good reputation that includes introducing various challenging topics, themes, and issues for students to dabble with. If you are looking for some free ideas for all your next essays, you can browse PaperAp, for example. If you want some inspiration for your next assignment, some free essays on various topics like these could prove useful. Besides, only those who have a good idea and are determined to get a solid grade can pass with a proper essay. If you submit poor-quality work, it won’t go unnoticed.

The problem starts in high school 

Some teachers and professors believe there is a root to this problem. Based on statistics, more than 61% of teachers who’ve worked at high schools before, stated their students hadn’t written a paper that has been longer than 5 pages, let alone polish their writing skills.

The competition is real

College is all about trying your best, even when you have to sacrifice your free time. For students eager to get excellent grades, writing essays or a paper example can be a serious waste of time. But, if you want to be ahead of the game, it’s essential to come up with the best quality assignment to get your work out there.

Too much pressure and too little time 

In college, students finally get to feel free – no rules, no restrictions. So, the moment they have to sit down and try their best at researching online to write their essay, that’s when they start to feel intimidated.

 To answer the question, why is college so hard, especially when you have to write an essay, the main cause would be the feeling of being committed to something. Yes, students hate restrictions, and writing assignments is something that restricts them from enjoying their freedom. This is such a tedious and slow-paced process that only the most dedicated students will complete in the end.

It’s true that many students simply can’t wrap their heads around essays. Many look for a sample online to get a general idea of the topics they plan to write. Some look at catalogs to find at least a little bit of inspiration for their next assignment. But, it’s safe to say that most turn to their colleagues for a paper example that could help them understand all the guidelines their professor has set.

What can I do?

Essays are not a “walk in the park.” They are complex assignments you really need to think about. The best way to start would be to prewrite your essay. Make a list of all the various topics that come to mind the moment you think about your essay. List them randomly. Keep it messy – this is what brainstorming is.

Once you’ve thought about all the topics you can include, circle the ones that would be best suited for your assignment. Focus on them, plan, and organize them to give your essay a good flow. The moment you know what you are doing, it will be much easier to get the hang of writing an essay from scratch.

Essay writing is demanding, tough, and rigid. But, with the right approach, everything is possible. Now that you know why is writing so hard for students, it’ll be much easier to tackle the problem.

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