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'The Gambler' is a crime thriller film directed by Rupert Wyatt. Here's a rather interesting review of Mark Wahlberg in 'The Gambler'.

The most interesting review film ‘The Gambler’ by actor Mark Wahlberg

The Gambler is a crime thriller film directed by Rupert Wyatt. William Monahan built the screenplay based on the 1974 film of the same name written by James Toback. In this film, Mark Wahlberg is starred – he is famous for his roles in films such as The Departed (2006), Invincible (2006), The Fighter (2010), etc. That’s what action movies are full of thrilling.

Back to the film The Gambler, the film is the story of the impasse of a gambling addict leaving viewers many reflections and valuable lessons but somewhere playing at W88 online casino still brings excitement to the players. Jim Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) is a professor of literature at a large university, his family is well-off and his life is stable. However, his life has been at a stalemate since gambling. 

The more he played, the more he lost, Jim had to borrow money from loan shark bosses to gamble on the red game. By day Jim Bennett is a literary professor at a college. By night he’s a gambler with a self-destructive reckless streak that has sent his debts to ruinous levels.

The debt kept growing until no one was willing to lend to Jim and forced him to pay within 7 days. Despite the car’s foreclosure and foreclosure, Jim was unable to pay his $ 260,000 debt. The lenders came to Jim’s mother and she had to withdraw all the money from the bank and give it to her son to pay the debt. However, gambling blood made Jim bake that amount in one night. The repayment period is near, Jim plans to flee but is hunted, arrested, and beaten by loan lenders. 

They forced Jim to repay the debt, otherwise, he would kill his lover and harm his relatives. With no way out, Jim was forced to take a risk, playing a gamble at the end full of luck.

The film has a slow tempo, much dialogue, requires the patience of viewers. The highlight of the film is to exploit the life and psychology of a gambling addict like Jim. Anyone who engages in red-and-black game will destroy life and future. Jim is a case in point. As a “thirsty gambler”, the professor rushed into the game like a moth, ignoring tomorrow. 

The more you lose, the more debt you want to solve. The debt and the pressure to repay the debt made Jim’s teaching work seriously affected. He lectured discouragingly, saying incomprehensible things that made the number of students go to class. When his mother gave him a lifetime savings to pay the debt, Jim still did not wake up, only to sink deeper and deeper. Only when the safety of loved ones is threatened, Jim can fear.

Jim’s way out of deadlock is risky and risky. But in the same situation, it was the only way out. Enticing semi-students in basketball semi-finals, betting everything on a single game, Jim still had to do. These scenes are built dramatic, causing viewers to be nervous and nervous. The Gambler (2014) has a meaningful ending, neither tragic nor beautiful, it is important to open up a new path for the wrong-footed, perverted, knowledgeable, and corrected pervert. 

The pity of the film is that Jim’s love is portrayed quite faintly, while this is the key point that the main character knows to turn around, is the motivation for Jim to rebuild his life.

Mark Wahlberg, famous for his action roles, has made a significant turning point when he transformed into a professor of gambling addiction with complex introspection. To take on the role, Mark had to lose up to 27 kilograms to suit the frail, haggard appearance of Jim. His contributions have made an impressive figure in the hearts of viewers.

Directed by Rupert Wyatt, the film is glossy and shiny, giving it a superficial sheen that doesn’t make any sense. The dreamlike imagery, editing, and soundtrack invoke the haze of addiction, but the writing never follows through with the message, leaving us unstirred, with little to take home and think about. This is a good film, the performances surrounding it are worth the ticket but the overall story is lacking where it needed to shine. It is, however, definitely worth watching once in your life. If you’ve ever had a gambling addiction this hits even harder! Take your time and enjoy watching.

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