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Wall Tiles: Everything you need to know about them

Do the walls of your home reflect your smile back and create a fantasy? If not, you need to embellish your home with winsome wall tiles. These are a new buzzword today and are taking the market by storm as there are plenty of innovative ways to use them for interior decoration.

Marble tiles, ceramic tiles, Granite tiles, mirror wall tiles, and a lot more, any of the options cherry-picked for your little world would be like gilding the lily. While floor tiling has been in existence for a long time, the notion of wall tiles is quite unique and can make both the residential and commercial place look luxurious.

Thus, for everyone who is fascinated to embrace the feel of heaven, here’s everything you need to know about wall tiles.

How are wall tiles distinguished from floor tiles?

As the floor is meant to bear the weight of foot traffic and heavy appliances, the tiles used on the floor are thicker and harder. These are also infused with the texture to prevent slipperiness and maintain a balance while someone walks.

Wall tiles on the other hand thin and light meant to add less weight to the wall. Since the major purpose of the wall tiles is decoration along with preventing walls from moisture effect, these come in several dazzling designs and patterns. Mirror tiles are one in trend because of the fact that the mirror makes space look brighter, larger, and luxurious.

Benefits of opting wall tiles

Be it the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom, wall tiles can enhance the beauty of every nook and corner of your home. Below are some other benefits that you can relish upon choosing trendy wall tiles for interior decoration. 

  • Stylish, modish, and trend setters

Tiles meant for walls are not confined to limited shapes and sizes. From regular shapes to patterned glaze styles, these are offered in every form to make your home look like a magic land. To a little more surprise, the industries of tiles are leaving no stone unturned to present exclusive design every single day. Hexagonal or cube mirror tiles are a picture-perfect example of this fact.

  • Water and moisture resistant

Using the wall tiles, you can prevent your walls from deteriorating as these resist the impact of water and moisture. This makes wall tiles, especially ceramic and glass, seamless for damp areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.

  • Easy to clean

Not only tiles for walls create lavish vibes but also let you enjoy the benefit of easy cleaning. This holds absolutely true in the case of mirror or glass tiles which can be made stain-free in no time and promote residential hygiene.

In a nutshell

A home, be it small or large is no less than a wonderland when decorated beautifully. Choosing the option which is durable along with dazzling is thus a smart idea to get more in less. Thus, wait no more and deck-out the walls of your home with mirror wall tiles for a mesmerizing look.

Happy tiling!

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