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For businesses with huge fleets, the duty of managing them falls on the fleet manager. Here's our software advice.

7 ways that good fleet manager software can ease your job

For businesses with huge fleets, the duty of managing them falls on the fleet manager, who has to stay abreast of any changes and delivery timelines. There’s scheduling repairs, maintenance work, customer satisfaction, and meeting consumer demands involved. A lot of variables come into play, and smart fleet management solutions make managing them a lot easier.

Here are some ways good fleet management software can make your job easier if you’re a fleet manager. In fact, we’ve listed seven of them below.

1. Smoother Navigation Experience

When you’re strapped for time and need to make speedy deliveries, knowing which routes to take and drive through is crucial. According to GPS definition, global positioning systems in fleet management software take advantage of satellite navigation to pinpoint the exact location of vehicles on the land, sea, or even air. 

There are also video telematics systems embedded with fleet management software that combine computer vision technology, data, and satellite navigation to give users real-time status updates about moving vehicles. Customers can track their packages, and fleet managers know if drivers are on schedule. They also get insights about the vehicles’ performance, fuel mileage, trip histories, weather conditions, and about the status of roads the vehicles are traveling on. 

If a vehicle breaks down unexpectedly, fleet managers will be immediately notified, which means they can act on time and send the backup to complete the delivery. Data about the temperature monitoring system solutions installed in vehicles is also sent to users, thus letting them know when an engine is getting more prone to overheating and require maintenance. 

2. Boosts Business Revenue & Reputation

Gaining visibility into how your fleet operates and making sure the transportation and logistics workflow is in place makes a huge difference for any business. Customers can get notified via SMS and email when their orders are en route. Fleet managers end up strengthening relationships with their drivers since they know what’s going on the road, thanks to real-time updates.

This prevents any problems related to miscommunication or mishaps due to real-time data and feedback provided by the software. When customers receive their orders in a timely and professional manner, they leave good reviews about the business online. Rinse and repeat the process, and your business starts booming soon enough. 

3. Provide Better Services & Improve Productivity

The dashboard in the software catalogs data over time, and when months pass by, this collection of data builds up. Fleet management software gives a birds-eye perspective on how operations work. If you’re a manager who is trying to improve the logistics and transportation workflow, the software will give insights into what vehicles and drivers are doing best. 

You also get to learn details about risks involved in the job, and if the vehicles have AI Dashcams installed, there are opportunities to review footage and driver performances related to deliveries. 

4. Prevents Reckless Driving Behavior

Reckless driving can cost money and lead to losses for businesses. There’s also the problem where some drivers can be dishonest about what went down during delivery. These software solutions prevent reckless driving behaviors when they’re paired with dashcams and AI technology that monitor drivers and their performance. Having an extra pair of eyes on the vehicle will never seem to hurt and provide a clear picture. Tracking devices and hardware linked to the speedometer will give insight into how fast the vehicle is traveling. 

There are sensors linked to every tire, which means if a driver is found speeding or hard-braking suddenly, the fleet manager will immediately get alerts on their mobile devices. 

AI technology linked to the hardware also reminds the driver to pay attention to the road and watch where they’re going when driving. For drivers who get constantly distracted, this is a blessing in disguise. By becoming better drivers and sticking to delivery timelines, it makes the job of fleet management much easier.

5. Saves Money

The less you spend time fixing problems and working on your business, the more money you will make. Fleet management software takes the legwork out of managing your fleet and automates workflows from a supply chain level. This means you won’t be left in the dark when it comes to managing your finances and overseeing logistics. 

You know exactly where you’re putting your money into when it comes to vehicle tracking, driver monitoring, and engine analysis work. Everything is laid out in front of you on the dashboard, and it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

For managers who are considering selectively making upgrades to fleet vehicles, by looking at the dashboard statistics, they can take a call on when to do it. 

6. Easy Maintenance & Repairs

You can get maintenance reminders and automatically schedule appointments based on how your fleet is doing. No need for manually setting up vehicle check-ups since the diagnostic tools and features linked to your car’s hardware does it for you. Also, the platform makes it easy for drivers to communicate their problems with managers. 

If there’s something they can’t explain well, the software will pull up the figures and areas that require looking into. This eliminates any misunderstandings and results in a quicker resolution of problems. 

7. Makes Scaling Up Businesses Convenient 

Running a business is hard work, and there are so many variables involved. Besides focusing on customers, you have to supervise your fleet. But fleet management software makes this job easier and gives you space to focus on what matters most to you. If you’re thinking of scaling up your business, you’ll have to inevitably scale up your fleet too. 

The software can give you insights into how to go about doing that and when’s the optimal time to do it. It gives an edge over your competitors since you can accurately run predictive analytics based on the historical performance of your fleet and make decisions based on that. 


Last but not least, it makes hiring drivers much easier. That’s because fleet management software breaks down every detail when it comes to your brand’s shipment workflow and logistics.




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