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It’s crucial to dress for your body type. Here are some useful tips on how to determine what best suits your shape.

How to dress your body type for grand occasions

It’s nice to get all dressed up for a grand occasion and go out and have a ball, maybe literally. For most of us, this is not something we are doing regularly so it can be somewhat confusing what we are expected to wear. Getting a bit of help is not beyond a reasonable thing to ask.

Here we will look at how to assess what is expected of us when invited to something grand and what to think of when making those decisions.

Check the dress code

The first thing to check is if there is a specific dress code for the event. It’s surprising how many occasions do. Were you aware that there is even a strict code to adhere to if you are participating in the Ellen DeGeneres Show? Otherwise, you are not permitted entry to the studio.

Black tie is a common dress code, and in one way is simple, but also not. Black-tie must be a tuxedo, bow tie, dress shirt, and formal shoes. Other dress codes are a little vague, a common subject of debate as to what smart-casual means?

Do your research

If you are unsure of what to wear, it can pay dividends to do a little research on the event. If it is an established annual or recurring event, you will, no doubt, be able to find coverage of previous incarnations. Look at any photos or videos of these and check the style of the guests. Are they all the same, or is there some variation? 

This will guide you well in what you can incorporate into your style. Some events have detailed literature and rule books, and this is often true of private club events. If you have been invited to such an event, perhaps having a good chat with a member could help you figure out the etiquette and the rules as there are often as many ‘unwritten rules’ as there are official ones.

Accessories can mean everything

Given what we’ve learned so far you could be forgiven for thinking that you have no scope for individuality when attending one of these occasions. This is certainly not true for the inventive individual there is always room for maneuver. 

Even if everyone in the room had the same basic outfit, there is an infinite variety with the proper use of accessories. Some events are even all about them, consider how much attention is given to Kentucky Derby hats for women, for example. It’s not just hats, jewelry, shoes, scarves, the list is endless.

Know your body type

Ill-fitting garments are the most common cause for one to look terrible. There is no such thing as the wrong body type, rather the wrong outfit or, more commonly, the wrong fit. Take something as seemingly simple as a bra for a lady, every woman has one and yet it’s surprising how often they are wearing the incorrect size, estimates put this at as much as 80%. But why should we be talking about bra sizes when formal wear is our topic of discussion? 

Because having a correctly fitted bra will transform your figure and make every other piece of clothing look as it should. For gentlemen, the cardinal sin is poorly-fitted suits, as you should have a tailored suit. It’s amazing, how great even a very out of shape man can look in a made to measure outfit. At least get measured by a professional, even if you are buying, ‘off the peg’.

Consult an expert

Why not consult an expert? You would do it in so many other aspects of life, such as a personal trainer for fitness, attending a class to learn a language, or seeing a therapist for mental health. Paying someone for advice and expertise on your image should be nothing to cause concern. One advantage of this is that a good, personal fashion stylist should have vast experience of what works and what doesn’t with different types of people. 

They will be able to give you the best tips based on age, body shape, skin tone, and much more. It’s simple to find one that works for you look at this site where you can search by location, check out their qualifications, and even have the stylists bid for your custom.

Dare to be different

One final piece of advice is, wherever possible, to dare to be different. Don’t try to be like everyone else, as you are an individual, and that’s your biggest asset.

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