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Not sure what to wear on your first date? Here are some tips and suggestions on how to make a great first impression.

What to wear on a first date – Top level fashion tips

We clearly understand that if you landed here, then you are planning to go on your first date, and you are a bit confused about what you should wear. Isn’t it? Well, most of us get confused in such matters. First date is not just a casual meet up, it’s all about setting up your first impression and playing your cards the right way.

Your first date undoubtedly determines how your relationship is going to commence. Therefore, on a first date just putting on your normal clothing will not do the job for you. We are here to guide you well in making your appearance on your first date an unforgettable one.

If you tend to put the right kind of clothing, it will undoubtedly enhance your confidence and overall appearance. You must be having a unique style sense of your own in which you feel immensely comfortable.

All you need to do is to amalgamate that with something that is in accordance with today’s fashion trends. If you are still perplexed about what exactly you should put on your first date, here are some of the bullet points for you that can surely make you look like a style icon on your first date.

1. Proper fitting

Putting on a $50 shirt with proper fitting is far better than putting on a $500 shirt that either fits loosely on you or hugs your body so tightly that you feel uncomfortable to breathe. The clothes that you put on your first date should not be too loose or too baggy. They should fit perfectly to your individual body shape and size. Items including straight-leg jeans, a casual jacket or blazer can also make you look more charismatic. You must hold on to the notion that you wear your clothes and not let your clothes wear you. However, you must keep in mind that proper fitting does not dictate wearing skin-tight clothes. Your clothes must be well fitted enough to not constrict your body movements.

2. Place of your first date

So are you going to have dinner at a lavish restaurant on your first date or are you planning to just grab some drinks at a local bar? The place of your date also determines what you should put on. The place of your date dictates the atmosphere and dressing in accordance to it ups your dating game. If you are planning your first date in a famous restaurant, putting out a formal suit could be a good choice. On the other hand, if your first date is going to be in a country bar, going with casuals can work perfectly for you.

 3. Detailing

You must keep in mind that on your first date, even some smaller imperfections can ruin the game for you. Such things get easily noticed and further tarnishes your “first impression”. You must make sure that the clothes you are putting on are ironed well to the last wrinkle crease.

If you are going out with a casual look and putting on a shirt, keep in mind to leave the right number of buttons unbuttoned (not more than 3 buttons), irrespective of the Greek God physique that you possess. Showing too much of your well-built physique can obstruct in creating an impressive appearance.

4. Color of your clothing

Don’t choose to wear too bright and glittery colors. They are a complete no-no on a first date. They will make you look more like a clown and will make an impression of a funny personality. Colors like navy blue, ivory white, pitch black, and grey can do the work perfectly for you. They make you look more grave and sophisticated. When it comes to your jeans, choosing to go with dark wash is a great option. If you are planning for a date in the daytime, you can certainly experiment with colors, but those colors should not be too showy.

5. Putting on a watch

If you don’t put a watch on a daily basis, do yourself a favor and surely put on a nice watch on your first date. You don’t need to go for the super-expensive ones. If you have planned your date in the daytime, a sporty and casual watch is a great option. Watches with a metallic strap adds up to your style quotient in night-time dates. A nice watch helps in making your appearance complete.

6. Polishing up your shoes

If you are going on a date, then definitely you are not going to put on slippers. Shoes definitely help you in making your appearance more serious and grave. But at the same time, your shoes must be polished well. Using a quick black or brown polish can make your filthy shoes look brand new. If you are on a day-time date, wearing sneakers will give you a dashing appearance. But make sure that those sneakers don’t have any scuff marks.

7. Use cologne

If you are a man who is bothered about his appearance more than others, then cologne should definitely be an accessory used by you. On your first date, smelling well compliments with your right dressing. You can spray your favourite scent or deodorant inside your shirt and near your neck area. However, you should not over spray the scent. It can make you feel uncomfortable. You just need to take a subtle and simplistic approach. You definitely would not like your cologne’s smell to overpower your appearance.

8. Using a nice leather belt

Belt is such a fashion accessory that is often underlooked. People tend to go with regular belts that they have in their wardrobe. Although the prime purpose of your belt is to get your trousers or jeans perfectly fitted around your waist, it also tends to make an impression of yours. Choose a leather belt that fits your size. It will go well with  your proportions. Also, you should match the color of your belt with your shoes. Mismatched belts can ruin up your style quotient. You should always choose to go with full-grain leather belts. To get the best leather belts that can surely let you stand out, visit our (website’s name). You will get the best bang for your bucks at our site.

9. Basic grooming

Last but not the least, basic grooming brings a great change in your appearance. Go with a grooming routine that works fine for you. Don’t try to experiment just before a date. Get your hair and nails trimmed, clean up your fingernails and you can also trim hair on your chest and back hair.  Basic grooming allows you to look more cleaner and attractive. If you want her to get closer to you, some basic grooming will work perfectly fine in your favour.

And that’s it. If you follow up these steps, you are definitely going to ace up your dating experience. Just make sure about dressing well and looking sharp. Don’t overthink about it. Get comfortable with it and confident with your individual persona.

Being confident and well groomed will surely ensure that you create an attractive impression on one hand, and increase your potential chances of more dates in the future. All the very best on your first date. You are surely gonna rock it!

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