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Ever wonder how celebrities keep their kids looking stylish? Take a look at the company who has been keeping celebs kids looking fashionable & fresh.

Why Celebrities dress their kids in style with Little Luxury Closet

Little Luxury Closet is well-known for creating the trendiest clothing and accessories for babies and children. The company is a favorite for luxury shopping in New York City, as well as other major cities all around the world. 

The business aims to create pieces which are suitable for kids, but which are also stunningly beautiful and unique. A perfect mix between comfort and style makes the clothes ideal for kids who want to play, but look great while doing it. 

Children can leave beautiful marks on the world, and the company makes sure that they do so in style. By being creative and bold, the clothing and accessories designed by the business aims to bring happiness to the little ones who wear it. Every piece has a personality which reflects the kids who wear it. 

Little Luxury Closet even offers the services of a personal shopper who will make sure that your child looks special for every occasion. With her help, and the input of your little one, you can be assured that your child will love what they’re wearing and it won’t be a hassle to get them dressed in the morning. 

Who doesn’t feel pure joy when they see the happiness of a little one? So be sure to choose something that your kids will adore, and which really reflects who they are. 

Which celebrities dress their kids in fashions created by Little Luxury Closet? 

The rapper “Lil Baby” dresses his son “Loyal” in one of the company’s most popular jackets – The Moonshine Jacket – in navy. Toya Wright’s daughter “Reign” has also been seen wearing the Moonshine Jacket in pink. 

Another celebrity who loves the Moonshine Jacket is Queen Naija whose two sons have been styled in the jacket. This exposure brought so much attention to the jacket that the company sold out the product within minutes. 

The growing trend of dressing kids in the latest fashion

In previous years, children were dressed respectably, but not particularly stylishly. However, this has changed and the effort that goes into dressing kids is almost the same as dressing as an adult. The creation of children’s clothes which are stylish takes into consideration the fact that the clothes have to be primarily comfortable – as such, informal, sport, and casual styles are very popular. 

Currently, kids’ clothing is designed to not be restrictive so that kids can move freely, but still stand out in the style of adult clothes. With this in mind, accessories should be chosen with care. A cute pair of sunglasses, a great pair of converse, or a stylish bracelet can change a simple outfit into a work of art. 

We can see the popularity of this trend with “Mini Me” clothes where parents and kids wear replicas of the same outfit. Children’s clothes of today are chosen with care and kids’ personalities can really shine through in the choice of clothing. 

Why was the Little Luxury Closet started? 

The creator, Paulette Sharov, always loved dressing up and since the age of seven she has found fashion the perfect way of expressing who she is. She began working in a luxury retail store at the age of 16. 

She did so because she has always found herself drawn to fashion – a feat which family members and friends recognized. They would ask her advice when choosing an outfit, and she would dress up her nieces and nephews. It was this experience which led her to deciding to focus on a children’s clothing line. 

More than that, she is well-acquainted with styling both adults and children for special occasions including birthdays, weddings, photo shoots, and modeling shows. 

Is the brand only available online? 

The brand was created a little over a year ago, and was started online because it’s a lot easier. However, in the long run, the company does hope to open a brick-and-mortar store.

The shop has seen its fair share of e-commerce success with a growing Instagram following. When the business was started, the brand’s Instagram account had 30,000 followers, but after the exposure brought about by the celebrities, the account grew with an additional 30,000 followers. 

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