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If you're a big fan of online slots then you might be interested to know these 10 interesting facts about your pastime.

10 Interesting facts about online slots

Online slots are one of the most popular types of casino games to exist on the market. These facts can tell you just the reasons why they are your best passage into the world of online gambling.

Slot Machines Make Up a Majority of Online Gambling

There are reasons why players enjoy slot machines. And it is also the reason why they make up a majority of the market. There are thousands of online slot machines that are produced every year. All online casinos will have them as their main headliners, attracting players to creative and vibrant games.

Almost All Slot Machines Come with a Free Demo

The best part about slots is that almost all of them come with free demo versions. The free demo helps players gain a taste of the slot without having to spend any real money. You can find a free demo on either the official website of the provider who made it or from review sites. The free demo will utilise free play coins that are used instead of real money. This lets you play for as long as you want without having any risk to your finances. With free slots with bonus rounds you can even learn any of the complex rules if you want to get ahead of the game.

The History of the First Slot Machine

The very first slot machine was built by a mechanic in the year 1895. The mechanic’s name is Charles Fey, and he designed it to be a fun game to play with cards. He placed the cards into a machine, which the player spins to land card combinations. These all come from combinations of poker, which is where it originated from. To make things more bizarre, the slot machine was made as a game to play in the gas station. It wasn’t built for a casino originally.

Who Launched the First Online Casino with Slots? 

The online industry first launched with an online casino to make slots the main focus. Microgaming started the first online casino in 1994. They have started many projects in the pursuit of helping online slots become the number one entertainment in online gambling.

You Can Ban Yourself from Online Slots 

Sometimes, online slot machines can be very triggering when it comes to problem gambling. With their simple gameplay and easy money-making, a lot of people can attach to it. This is why there are measures that can be taken, which are proposed by the slot machine industry themselves. In some countries, players are allowed to ban themselves from online slots so that they can be forced to take a break from gambling.

Some Online Slots Are Made with Multiplayer in Mind 

You can play some slot machines with other people. Most of the time, this is used as a single-player experience. However, some casinos allow tournaments to be held for online slots. This means that players can compete with each other by ranking up scores and points based on how many wins they receive. The leader board will show who gets up on top of the grand prize. The prize can be thousands of dollars’ worth, with smaller prizes granted to those who come in the top ten or top 100.

Online Strategies Can Be Used to Be Better at Online Slots 

Most online slots are built around the same basic principle: spinning reels to earn money by landing combinations. There are also a lot of bonuses that also work the same way. Wilds can be used to earn substitutions. Scatters can be landed anywhere to win and trigger extra goodies, like free spins or multipliers. These methods can help create similar strategies that can help secure you more winnings in the world of online slots.

There Are Some Countries Where Online Slots Are Completely Illegal 

There are a lot of countries where gambling has some restrictions, whether it’s advertising or some forms of entertainment. Thus, the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority monitors all Internet content and disables access to online casinos. Japanese casinos are extremely controlled as well and remain illegal. Qatar goes even further. Compared to other countries, this one is the strictest. All forms of gambling are considered illegal, and even sports betting is not permissible.

Players Are More Likely to Get Addicted to Slot Machines Then Other Forms of Gambling 

Because of their easy access and easy rules, slot machines can be so engaging that players are more at risk of being addicted to them than any other gambling product. This is also the reason why there are many more gambling authorities and charities that focus towards slot games. GamCare and GambleAware help create new services so that players can get the help they need to recover from addiction to online slots.

The Biggest Online Slot Win

It is recorded that the biggest slot win reached up to £13.2 million. The win came from the Microgaming property, Mega Moolah, which is a progressive jackpot focusing on big wins. The player was able to win with a mere stake of 25p. The time was October 15th, and the player’s name was Jon Heywood.

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