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The 'Among Us' craze has died down a little bit, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t still popular. Here are the best gamers to watch.

‘Among Us’: All the YouTubers and streamers you need to watch

The initial Among Us craze has died down a little bit, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t still popular. YouTubers and streamers alike are still having a grand time making content about the video game and most people are still happily watching it. It’s just that now you can scroll through your social media timeline and actually get through a few posts before seeing something about Among Us.

The game likely isn’t less loved than it was just a month ago. Now that new video game consoles are being released video game lovers are having to split their time & attention between new games and Among Us.

So, if you’re one of the many people who just can’t get enough of the murder mystery game, we’ve compiled a list of the content creators you have to be following because they have some of the best Among Us videos and streams around.

Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband is unusual in that he doesn’t show his face. Most fans like to see the creator they follow, and as creators gain popularity they usually relent & do a face reveal. However, Corpse hasn’t done this.

A lot of people had never heard of Corpse (including a lot of content creators) until the Among Us craze started and every creator was looking to collaborate & play with other creators. Corpse is known for two things: his extraordinarily deep voice that rattles your bones and steals your heart & his impressive Among Us gameplay.

Corpse is so good at Among Us that he once admitted to being the impostor and still won the game. If you want to watch some big brain plays then Corpse Husband is definitely worth checking out.


CallMeKevin is an Irish YouTuber who has in many videos admitted he has a bit of an Among Us obsession – he’s even admitted this in videos not about Among Us. His videos are different from a lot of people’s since he opts to play in public lobbies and wreak havoc, rather than playing with friends over Discord.

His wacky videos are hilarious and somehow, no matter how hard Kevin tries to sabotage the game, he always seems to make some ride or die friends. There aren’t many people who can encapsulate both chaos and wholesomeness, but Kevin achieves this combination with ease.

CallMeKevin also does a few Twitch streams every week, usually about 2 hours in length, but he only has a couple Among Us streams where he plays with his friends.


If you keep up with the gaming world then you’ve probably heard of or seen CouRage somewhere – and that somewhere is probably Fortnite. He was a big name in the Fortnite world for a long time and even acted as a host and announcer for countless official Fortnite tournaments.

Now, CouRage is almost exclusively an Among Us YouTuber. At least, he is for the moment, but it doesn’t look as if he plans on moving any time soon.

One of the great things about CouRage’s gameplays is that he has a lot of fun with it and isn’t afraid to meme every once in a while. He also plays with different groups of people which spices up his videos a lot & makes for different social dynamics – something crucial for Among Us.


Pokimane is a wildly popular Twitch streamer and her popularity has only skyrocketed thanks to Among Us. She’s a competitive pro gamer, most people probably found her Twitch channel because of Among Us as well.

However, she also plays games non-competitively like Fall Guys and, of course, Among Us.

Pokimane is a fun lighthearted streamer with a very sweet online persona, which makes for a great stream watching experience. We also recommend checking out her “roleplay” Among Us stream while the VOD is still on Twitch. Everyone in the lobby took on characters to make the game harder and it’s a great watch.

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