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Movies on the life of athletes overcoming obstacles are in abundance. Here are the best gambling movies.

Best gambling movies to binge watch

Movies on the life of athletes overcoming obstacles or coaches building winning teams are in abundance. However, there are some excellent movies made on sports betting that are often overlooked.

In this listicle, we have assorted the best Hollywood movies that are entertaining as well as give a closer look into the world of sports betting. While these movies often show the exaggerated and seedier side of the story that most gamblers will ever hardly experience, still, you can learn a thing or two about handicapping from these movies.

Here are the best sports movies to watch (in no particular order):

1. Eight Men Out

The 1919 World Series arguably remains the one of the most talked-about professional sports controversies. Based on the Black Sox scandal, this movie tells the tale of the White Sox brass and the players involved in match-fixing. 

Jon Cusack plays Buck Weaver, Charlie Sheen is Happy Felsch and D.B. Sweeney portrays Shoeless Joe. The marvelous actors play their characters so well that it seems as if they can actually play the sport, a rarity among the movies about baseball.

2. Two for the Money

Based on the life of a former college football star-turned-handicapping guru, Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey star in this sports betting movie. This film takes a closer look at sports gambling addiction and how much it can ruin the lives of those involved and their loved ones as well.

Another interesting fact about this movie is that it was the last movie to be released on VHS by Morgan Creek Productions. Youngsters, you might want to Google VHS to know what it was!

3. Diggstown

This gambling focused movie is all about boxing. It is the movie about the change of heart of two conmen James Woods and Oliver Platt who try to hustle a small town out of their money. As these conmen become good people and their ties strengthen, the twist in the tale presents itself. 

Performances by Louis Gossett Jr. and Heather Graham further better the experience. Director Michael Ritchie presents you an excellent sports gambling film that you must watch.

4. Lay the Favorite

This movie captures the story of bet wiz Beth Raymer, a woman who realizes that she has a gift for sports betting. Interestingly, this movie presents might be an entertainer but the real-life Raymer has spent the better part of her career trying to bust myths about the sports gambling industry. 

She has tried hard to prove that most people who bet on sports are not lowlifes as always portrayed in the media. Bruce Willis is an important part of this movie you should watch it if you are his fan.

5. The Gambler

When you combine a fine actor like James with a character of a Harvard-educated professor who has a knack for gambling above his affection for Dostoevsky, you get a gambling movie that’s not for the faintest of the heart. It shows how someone can get comfortable in the dark once they fall into a pit of despair. 

If the original version seems to vintage for your taste, then you can binge-watch the 2014 remake that casts Marky Mark.


Gambling movies can be a fun time for bettors outside bitcoin sportsbook action. The movies listed here are some of the best that Hollywood has to offer in this genre.


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