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Do you think there’s something wrong with enjoying your favorite casino game online? Here are actors who love casino games.

Casino games: Famous actors who love casinos

Have you ever felt ashamed about your habit of gambling? Do you think there’s something wrong with enjoying your favorite casino game online

If the answers are yes, then you’re taking it from a wrong angle. Yes, we know that gambling was considered taboo in the past, and not so many players would step up and say publicly about their way of entertainment. Those days are long gone. 

Not only is it normal for an ordinary person to go out and enjoy gambling, but it also became a favorite choice for many public figures that we admire. Some of the most famous celebrities love to spend their free time in a casino, and they are proud to talk about that publicly. 

Why wouldn’t you do the same?

If a wide-known public figure has no issues going out publicly about their love for casino games, then you should follow that example. We are about to mention some of the most famous examples of actors enjoying casino games without feeling bad about going public about it.

Ben Affleck

Ben had success in becoming a worldwide celebrity especially adored by ladies out there since he was a young actor. It seemed like there’s nothing he can’t do, and gambling is one of those things. 

Ben was seen publicly on the blackjack tables on many occasions, but he reportedly enjoys playing online poker. He won a 2014 California State Poker Championship and proved how good he is gambling on a big stage. To be more like Ben Affleck, do what he does and sign up for a game on ICE36 UK casino or any other online casino. 

Bruce Willis

All the Die Hard fans out there should know that their favorite indestructible man enjoys playing cards whenever he can catch some time from a busy schedule. Now when he is in his twilight years and free time is something he can spare, he’s really been at it. 

Bruce is reportedly visiting places in Atlantic City, and he has luck on his side most of the time. One time he managed to win $500,000 in a baccarat game. That’s a nice figure for an actor to win out of a hobby.

Matt Damon

Like in many movies, Matt is the best sidekick of Ben Affleck. These two often visit luxury hotels in Vegas for a game of Texas Hold’em. Matt had a little bit less success in tournaments, but he still enjoys playing anytime he can. 

When on a movie set, Matt also goes online and plays poker in his free time between sets. Is it true that online casinos are the future, as seen on this site? We are sure Ben and Matt think so by the way how much time they spend on them.

Ray Romano

Ray is one of the biggest gamblers among famous actors. His gambling addiction brought him to a point where he needed to look for help. His character in the TV series Men of a Certain Age is based on true events that happened to him. 

Luckily, even though he still enjoys betting on sports, Ray does it with more caution. He learned how to control himself and his addiction and is now on the right track.

Charlie Sheen

Our favorite actor from the hit series Two and a Half Men has had a gambling addiction from a young age. While doing the show, he made $1.8 million per episode, which only fueled his gambling addiction because he could always afford to be a high roller. 

Even to this day, Charlie loves spending his time in casinos, and that’s something he’ll probably do until the rest of his life.

Why casinos are no longer a taboo

It’s very easy to answer that. Everybody’s doing it. Maybe you don’t notice, but so many people visit casinos. From the most common folks until the most famous and powerful people, casinos are a refuge for entertainment and fun. 

Why would you feel any different than anybody else? Casino culture became something more than just gambling. Free online casinos helped that change by offering a glimpse into a world of casinos, as shown on this site.


After reading our article, we hope you’ll have no issues with doing what you love. After all, you must be confident if you’ll ever have any chances of being a successful gambler. Either you choose to go out to a casino or decide the online version is the way to go.


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