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Stuck on finding those perfect first date ideas? Maybe gaming is the answer! Here are the top five video games to play.

First date ideas: Top 5 video games to play

Some people sign up to dating sites to take advantage of chat rooms and forums, where they can interact with a diverse range of other users, building their friendship circle. But many more are doing so for the more traditional reason: they want to meet singles online. New technologies make it so convenient to develop chemistry with a potential partner, and the transition to a face-to-face date can be achieved quickly. 

If you have got to the stage of planning your first date, here are some suggestions for an exciting encounter: the top five video games to enjoy together.

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

Rocking out with blissful air guitar is surely the perfect way to break the ice on your first date. This is an extremely popular video game, regularly topping the charts of most widely-owned (up to 80% of enthusiasts have admitted to owning a copy in various polls). The key to its success is its combination of intricacy/skillset required, and the back catalog of classic rock songs you can dip into. 

Included amongst these are some full-throttle gems that will get the rafters shaking, from “Suck My Kiss” by Red Hot Chili Peppers to “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against The Machine. All these examples possess the correct meld of pace and power. Bonus? Up to four can play, making this ideal for double dates, too!


There’s an argument that overly-traumatic video games should be lower down the scale than titles with a more pleasant and ‘date like’ aura. That is nonsense. Survival horror is the ideal way to bring you and your significant other closer. As you enter a high school to fight off some creepy creatures, the twist here is that you don’t have access to some fantastical arsenal of high-power weapons. 

Instead, you are normal schoolkids who can only utilize the everyday objects you find lying around to despatch your enemies. This shared adversity will bring you closer together than any lego-building!

Slender: The Arrival

Another video game pitched at those with a more competitive – and darker – streak, Slender will transport you into a wilderness and your friend Kate’s abode. The only trouble is, she isn’t at home, and there are paranoid scribbles etched across the walls. You then have to proceed with solving various short puzzles to avoid falling prey to the terrifying Slender Man, or his minion, Proxy. 

The graphics have improved on the original version, bringing the creepier elements to the fore. Perfect for creating a charged atmosphere where you’ll ensure you anticipate the after-play relaxation even more.


What better choice for a first date than a video game featuring all the stylish flair and invention you would expect from a Japanese title? As the fantasy unfolds, you roll smaller objects into your Katamari ball until it becomes large enough to roll over entire cities. Universes. 

This is a straightforward game, and for all that it doesn’t involve scary otherwordly denizens hunting you down, you can have immense fun manipulating the objects in this brashly colorful dimension.

Resident Evil

Back to bloody shoot-em-up action, and why not? Is there seriously any better way for you and your partner to create a memorable first date than massacring endless lurching zombies? The missions here come in easily-manageable chunks. 

You can choose a more continuous game that involves curtailing the zombie apocalypse, or swifter explosions of action that will fill you with adrenaline, leaving time away from the consoles. You’ll be able to make the most of the rest of your date doing something less gruesome.

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