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Movie buffs could always use a second hobby aside from watching films. Here's a list of great options from casino games to hiking.

Casino games: The best hobbies for movie buffs

If you consider yourself a movie buff, then there is nothing better than settling in to watch a film, but you might find that you need another hobby or two to enjoy in your free time, especially when many films are close to two hours. So, what are a few good hobbies for film enthusiasts? There are many fun hobbies that those with a passion for movies will enjoy and could even give you a greater appreciation for your favorite films. With this in mind, here are a few of the best hobbies that anyone with a love of film should enjoy in their spare time.

Creative Writing

If you love film, then you are sure to have a real appreciation for a well-crafted story. Creative writing can be great fun and allows you to be creative and try your hand at storytelling; plus, this is a hobby which you can easily start with no experience but also take courses and really hone your skills if you find that you enjoy it.


It is always good to have an active hobby that gets you out of the home, and hiking is certainly a good option. Hiking has many health benefits, plus it allows you to be out in nature and enjoying great beauty – those with a passion for film often have a great appreciation for natural beauty, which is such an important part of cinema. 

Online Casino Games

Casinos are often associated with Hollywood, celebrities, and glamour, so many film enthusiasts get a real thrill out of playing games like poker and blackjack (while sipping on a Martini, perhaps). Going to the casino is not always realistic, but you can get the same excitement by playing live casino games online, which will give you the experience of being in a glitzy casino while relaxing at home – you can find the best live casinos at Online Casinos

Write Movie Reviews

Those with a passion for film like nothing more than talking about films, especially with others with the same passion. This is not always easy (especially in 2020), which is why you should think about starting your own film blog and writing movie reviews. It is a great way to get your thoughts down, to keep a record of the films that you have watched and what you have thought about them (this is easy to forget when you watch a lot), and spark conversation with fellow movie lovers. 


Many people that love film tend to have a very good eye for photography because cinematography plays such an important role in filmmaking (especially in certain genres). Taking beautiful photographs is a real pleasure, and this could be another hobby that gets you out of the home and exploring new areas (you could even combine this hobby with hiking).


These are hobbies which anyone with a passion for film should enjoy and could even give you a much greater appreciation for your favorite films.

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