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Aside from trying their luck with the various gambling games, the following are the top movies that Kiwi gamblers will appreciate.

Top movies that Kiwi gamblers will like

The Kiwis have acquired a new hobby after the legalization of the gambling field there. Although remote interactive gambling is still prohibited in New Zealand the players can have fun with the gambling websites outside the country. In fact, remote interactive gambling is forbidden under the Gambling Act 2003 meaning that operating online gambling platforms is illegal in this nation. 

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that the New Zealanders are not allowed to entertain with several latest online casinos at Aside from trying their luck with the various gambling games, the following are the top movies that Kiwi gamblers will appreciate.

The Sting

Created by David S. Ward, The Sting is a film telling about the revenge of the best friend’s death. This American movie was released in 1973 with the co-production of Tony Bill, Julia Phillips, and Michael Phillips. Set in September 1936, The Sting is, actually, about Johnny Hooker who wants to revenge the death of his friend Luther murdered by Lonnegan’s gangs. Despite his bad plan, this addicted gambler often plays at the gambling premises of Henry Gandorf. 

The film stars Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Robert Shaw, Charles Durning, and Robert Earl Jones. The Sting concludes with the faked gunshots in which Agent Polk is actually Hickey, a con man ensuring that Lonnegan gives-up the huge money. Hooker refuses his part and says that he has done this to avenge Lonnegan.

The Gambler

The Gambler is an American movie directed by Rupert Wyatt and released in 2014. The screenplay of this crime drama film is based on the movie “The Gambler” written by James Toback in 1974. As a matter of fact, The Gambler tells about Jim Bennett, a literature professor in Los Angeles who is an addicted gambler with real casino experience and has a large amount of debt on Neville Baraka and Lee, the owner of the gambling premise. 

The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Michael K. Williams, John Goodman, George Kennedy, Jessica Lange, and Brie Larson. The Gambler closes with Jim who persuades Frank and Lee to meet him in a gambling house where he bets a large budget to pay both men. He triggers a big amount of money on a single roulette spin and leaves the money to Lee and Frank.

The House

The House is an American film co-written by Cohen and Brendan O’Brien. This comedy was launched on June 30, 2017, by Warner Bros. Pictures and directed by Andrew J. Cohen. The House is about the couple Scott who warns their daughter Alex about the danger of being in college. Then, she wants to attend the same university as her parents and gets accepted to this university. 

Nonetheless, during the meeting, they learn that there is no scholarship program which is a real disappointment to the Scott family. The couple has to open an underground casino in their friend’s house to pay the college tuition of their daughter. The House stars Jason Mantzoukas, Ryan Simpkins, Rob Huebel, Will Ferrell, Nick Kroll, Amy Poehler, Jeremy Renner, Allison Tolman, and Michaela Watkins.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is a spy movie starring Daniel Craig and was released in 2006. In fact, written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, and Paul Haggis, the film is the third screen adaptation of Ian Fleming’s novel in 1953. Casino Royale is about a young James Bond in Prague arguing his first kill with the disloyal MI6 station chief whom he kills after. The next scene is set in Madagascar where Bond hunts a bomb-wielding suspect into an embassy and then shoots him on camera. 

Apart from Daniel Craig, Casino Royale is also starring Eva Green, Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright, and Mads Mikkelsen. Then, Bond has to find Le Chiffre (a bankrupt terrorist) at the Casino Royale in Montenegro. There, he falls in love with Vesper Lynd, a treasury employee. The film finishes with Bond who chases Vesper by attacking and sinking the building where she drowns.

Rain Man

Written by Barry Morrow and Ronald Bass, Rain Man was released in 1988. This American comedy and drama film is about the story of a dealer Charlie Babbitt who learns that his father has died and left his fortune to his other son Raymond, an autistic savant. Raymond is unaware of Charlie’s existence and this latter is left with an old car and rose bushes of his father. 

Charlie Babbitt is played by Tom Cruise and Raymond by Dustin Hoffman. In Los Angeles, Dr. Bruner offers $250,000 to Charlie provided that he walks away from his brother Raymond. Charlie refuses and takes him back to the mental institution. He promises Raymond to visit him frequently.

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