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There are more and more online casino games available. Here's how live casinos impact the casino industry.

How live casinos revolutionised the online casino games industry

The introduction of online casinos would shake up the whole industry as players were suddenly able to access their favorite casino games without having to leave their home anymore. The subsequent steady shift from land-based casinos to online casinos was not only boosted by smoother graphics and better interfaces, but was also thanks to the enormous jackpots that were paid out online by casinos. 

Still, even with major pay-outs and advanced visuals, online casino websites weren’t really able to give players the same experience as in any land-based casino. Online casinos were considered to be very practical and could even turn out very lucrative, but at the same time there’s quite nothing like the good old ambiance of a brick and mortar casino.

Things have kind of changed though over recent years, because live online casinos do make it possible to take most out of the land based casino experience to your living room. 

Thanks to a live camera, stream players are connected with a real playing floor, including real dealers who welcome them to the table game of their preference. And it’s exactly thanks to this human touch why live casinos have become very popular among players. We’ll tell you everything about the live experience.

Live dealers make the difference

Pick about any online casino game and you’ll need to face the computer with random results being generated by the Random Number Generator (RNG). If you prefer traditional casino games like blackjack and roulette you might however want to see what happens at the table instead of needing to hope software-generated results turn out in your favor. 

Live casinos are guided by live dealers giving it a very personal touch and making it possible to see what’s going on. This gives you the feeling that you are in a real casino, but with the benefit of not having to leave your couch (or whether you enjoy playing). Croupiers tend to be very welcoming making sure you feel comfortable at the table. Live dealers make the difference.

Live Casino Games

There are more and more live casino games available, but let’s just point out the most common games you’ll find in any live casino:

  • Roulette: in arguably the world’s most popular casino game, players need to place bets on either a single number, different groupings of numbers, the colors red or black, whether numbers are odd or even, or if they are low (1–18) or high (19–36).
  • Blackjack: the idea is to get 21 points with your cards or at least as close as possible. Just make sure you don’t exceed 21 points. If you do? You lose.
  • Baccarat: also known as Punto Banco. In this game the punto (the player) and banco (the dealer) receive cards. The idea? To guess who of both gets the highest number of points: the player or the dealer.

●  Other live casino games: traditionally, most live casino portfolios are based on card games, but very modern operators have also been added and that is all thanks to game developer Evolution Gaming. What do we mean by other games? Think of game shows like Wheel of Fortune and Live Monopoly, both games including a live host.

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