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There are a number of successful 'Harry Potter' video games. Here are more movies that now have a video game.

‘Harry Potter’: 6 hit movies turned into a video game

Pretty much every part of the entertainment industry is connected somehow – But video games and movies have a special connection. One side often inspires and feeds off of the other, and when combined they often help viewers experience a whole new level of immersion.

With such a huge cross between the two forms, let’s zoom in on one area in particular – the top movies that have made a successful transition into the video game arena:

  • James Bond

Coming in at number one – and having the title of one of the best casino films to date, Casino Royale – is the iconic James Bond. Having been in cinema and film for almost 70 years, it’s no surprise that numerous successful video games have been spawned from the franchise. 

Whilst not every game in the series has been a hit – for example, 2010’s Blood Stone starring Daniel Craig as the lead character didn’t exactly blow critics away, A number of the games that have been released have become classics. Goldeneye 007, Everything or Nothing and Nightfire were complete successes, and really help drive that film quality feel for video gaming. 

These games also helped expand the story universe of Bond, adding new characters, villains, and adding onto plots that were previously in the films.

  • Fast & Furious

Releasing all the way back in 2001, The Fast & Furious movie saga has spawned no less than 8 sequels, pre-sequels, spin-offs, and TV series with hit stars such as Jason Statham, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and Charlize Theron. 

Fast & Furious: Crossroads is the latest video game to come from the franchise, releasing in August 2020, and that continues directly from the films, following the titular Dom Toretto and his ragtag crew of street racers as they complete assignments and save the day.

The game is similar to the other console games – Fast & Furious and Fast & Furious: Showdown – in that it features a tonne of racing and tweaking out cars, just as in the film. The games are similar to the Bond games, in that they help expand the story universe of the series and add a whole new level of depth and immersion for fans of this popular franchise. 

  • Jurassic Park

Ah, who can forget the 1993 Spielberg classic, featuring animatronic dinosaurs and state of the art (for almost 30 years ago) CGI. Instantly becoming one of the biggest movies at the time, The blockbuster film was destined to become a videogame.

Showcasing the fact that thanks to the huge diversity and range of film genres there are, there are a huge number of opportunities for video games This has helped come up with interesting new concepts for twisting and molding the concepts of movies into some sort of video game.

That interesting concept behind a Jurassic Park video game is 2018’s Jurassic World: Evolution. Here, you’re put in charge of running your own, miniature Jurassic Park – with dinosaur exhibits and 40 different species to manage, park attractions, and the like all adding up to you running a successful park.

You’ve also got a special Lego Jurassic World game within the franchise, which enables players to relive their favorite and most memorable moments from the first 4 films as the lovable lego characters.

  • Harry Potter series

One of the most successful movie franchises of all time, the films series about a coming-of-age wizard who is an unlikely hero craze created a whole generation of ‘Potterheads’ and a flurry of spin-off franchises including films and books. 

There are a number of successful Harry Potter video games, with the main series being a direct tie in with the film. This series has a video game equivalent for each film – so 8 in total – and were quite a hit on consoles.

There were also spin-off games created, focusing on the universe of Harry Potter. These include augmented and virtual reality games Book of Spells and Book of Potions which were released back in 2012 and 2013 and the recently released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite which follows on from Pokemon Go’’s success, using similar game mechanics.

  • Friday the 13th 

We can’t leave out online gaming! Whilst not quite the MMO game that you may be thinking about, Friday the 13th: The Game offers players a chance to enter the haunting and scary world of Jason Voorhees.

Released in 2017 and playing as an asymmetrical multiplayer survival game, it takes place in the infamous Camp Crystal Lake. There are 8 players per game, with one player randomly selected to play as the legendary villain himself Jason – who comes with special abilities to help him track down and hunt the other players. 

The 7 other players try to hide, survive, and escape. There’s also a single player version of the game, where you’ll be completing missions based on the films.

In the Friday the 13th series, there’s also a mobile game under the title Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle. As a sliding door puzzle game with cute graphics and slick animation, this game is nowhere near as intense as the console game mentioned above, and much more suited to casual play.

  • The Lord Of The Rings

The epic trilogy from J.R.R. Tolkein has paved the way for a prequel trilogy, upcoming TV series, and a whole slew of video games – no less than 29 are set in the universe of Middle Earth!

With the games ranging all the way back to 1982 with The Hobbit – Most of the games that were released before the multiple award-winning franchises are completely forgettable. It’s when you look into the video game releases that were released after that you get a whole range of interesting, fun, and immersive games.

Many of the modern games are buckets of fun and cross-platform, garnering awards and come in all sorts of genres, from the online card game with all of your favorite heroes The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game, and upcoming Lord of the Rings MMO game, to the third-person action-adventure title Shadow of War to even a popular real time strategy Battle for Middle Earth II which is still popular to this day, 14 years after release!


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