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A live blackjack online party is not very different from the standard live blackjack version. Here are our tips and tricks.

Handy tips and tricks for your online Blackjack party

With live blackjack online party, Evolution Gaming brings a party in your favorite live casino wherever and whenever you want. In terms of content, live blackjack online party is not very different from the standard live blackjack version of Evolution Gaming. Players do not need to learn different rules to play live blackjack online parties.

Evolution Gaming is, as experienced live blackjack online casino players know, the king in the field of live casino and has released a lot of live blackjack variants on the market. Blackjack Party is yet another unique way Evolution Gaming approaches live blackjack the market.

The moment you open the game, you immediately enter a festive setting. There are two dealers at the blackjack table (instead of one), and in the background is a festively dressed woman who takes care of the shuffling of the cards.

In this live blackjack article, we will go deeper into this special live blackjack variant:

  • In which online casinos you can play Blackjack Party
  • How Blackjack Party works exactly and which rules you have to take into account
  • Which bets you can place at Blackjack Party and which RTPs are associated with them
  • Whether playing Blackjack Party is worth it.

How to play live blackjack party

You play Blackjack Party at a standard table in an extra festive environment. Instead of one dealer, you will see two on your screen, and after each round, a festively dressed lady will personally play the cards. If you choose Blackjack Party, you choose a social game similar to playing in a real land-based casino.

The players and dealers are in a lot of touches. Also, in the live chat, you get the opportunity to maintain contact with other players. The fact that you are at the table with two dealers at Blackjack Party gives a special dynamic. While playing regularly, jokes are made, and the latest gossip is discussed.

Something that is certainly an addition to, for example, live blackjack, where the formal setting is sometimes a bit boring. Have you played blackjack before, and do you know the rules? That is great, and you can immediately play Blackjack Party. If you are not very familiar with the rules, it is wise to learn the blackjack rules you can find on the internet.

You can also play a free blackjack version here to get to know and practice the game before you bet live blackjack for real money. This version is not the same as Blackjack Party, but there is nothing to stop you from playing Blackjack Party if you understand the game in the demo version.

For convenience, we explain below the standard blackjack rules that you will also encounter at Blackjack Party:

  • Blackjack Party is played with eight decks, which are shuffled by a third dealer.
  • The house always stops at a card value of 17 or higher.
  • You can choose to go Double Down on the first two cards; this will also increase your bet.
  • You may opt to break the first two cards of the same value.

The Blackjack Party table has room for seven hands, which in most cases, ensures that there is always enough space at the table. Most Blackjack Party casinos have more than enough Blackjack Party tables available.

Like many other live blackjack variants from Evolution Gaming, Blackjack Party has the option to place side bets. You can place the bet Behind, 21 + 3, and Perfect Pairs side bets at Blackjack Party. How does this work? We would of course like to explain that to you:

Behind the live blackjack party bet

Is the Blackjack Party table you want to play at full? Or have you noticed that another player is very skilled and is winning a lot of money? You may then opt to be a player. If you bet a Bet Behind at Blackjack Party, you bet on the outcome of the player you are betting on. This helps you to take a trip with another player’s progress.

Incidentally, you do not have to choose to place the same bet as this player. You can play for lower or much higher stakes. The Blackjack Party Bet Behind bet gives you the opportunity to benefit from other people’s success and spread your own risk.

Blackjack Party 21 + 3

You can also know the Blackjack Party 21 + 3 sidebet from other live blackjack variants. This bet will cause you to make a poker hand on the first two cards plus the dealer’s first open card. You get a certain payout that looks like this if that succeeds:

  •       Suited Trip: you bet on the same card three times, and if this succeeds, you win 100 times your bet
  •       Straight Flush: the consequence of the three cards must be the same and constant. The payout is then 40 times your stake.
  •       Three of a Kind: This one speaks for itself, of course. The cards must be of the same number or picture, but of a different suit. You win 30 times your stake.
  •       Straight: The three cards must be consecutive and may be of a different suit. Straight is also known as ‘small street’. If your bet comes out, you win 10 times your bet.
  •       Flush: all three faces up cards must be of the same suit. The payout for a flush is 5 times your stake.

Blackjack party-perfect pairs

The Blackjack Party Perfect Pairs bet covers the entire playing field if you choose this bet. You bet on the chance that the first two cards of a player are a pair.

The payout you can expect depends on the type of pair:

  •       Perfect pair: two cards of the same suit and suit. You win the stake 25 times.
  •       Colored pair: there are two cards of the same number and color. You win 12 times your stake.
  •       Mixed Pair: Two cards with the same number and a different suit. You win 6 times your stake.

Blackjack party RTP, stake and variance

Blackjack Party is open to both low and high stakes players. The minimum bet starts from five dollars and the maximum 1000 dollars. This maximum bet differs per online casino, with large online casinos allowing a higher maximum bet.

The minimum and maximum bets for the sidebets look like this:

  •       Blackjack Party Bet Behind: $ 0.50 – $ 100
  •       Blackjack 21 + 3: $ 1 – $ 250
  •       Blackjack Perfect Pair: $ 1 to $ 500

If you immediately get blackjack on the first two cards at Blackjack Party, you win one and a half times your stake. The highest payout is of course when placing a 21 + 3 bet. If you bet $ 250 on it and get Suited Trips, you win $ 25000!

The Return to Player (RTP) at Blackjack Party is identical to the standard blackjack games you can find in the online casino: 99.28%.


Blackjack Party is a special variant of live blackjack that is mainly released for blackjack enthusiasts who like a casual and informal atmosphere at the table. Blackjack Party is all about fun and interaction between players and the dealers.

Instead of the formal, tight setting at Blackjack Party, you play in a hip festive environment that sometimes tends to be a bit superficial and somewhat simple. With Blackjack Party, Evolution Gaming releases are a fun live blackjack variant that every enthusiast should try out as far as we are concerned.

If you prefer to focus on playing blackjack, then Blackjack Party may not be for you.

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