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There are plenty of myths that get associated with online poker. Here’s a list of common myths about online poker that you shouldn’t believe.

Common myths about online poker that you shouldn’t believe

There are plenty of myths that get associated with online poker. Many of those have been repeated quite often, that it has created a false impression of what the game is actually like. These misconceptions have lead to some players feel discouraged about playing it.

Some people seem to believe that because it’s digital, cards in online poker “behave” differently. What they don’t know is that it’s fundamentally the same game played on a different platform. This mistaken belief is quite possibly the reason why these myths about online poker exist.

As a player and an online casino operator, you wouldn’t want anything to stop others from playing a game. This article will help in easing the minds of gamblers about playing online poker. Here’s a list of common myths about online poker that you shouldn’t believe.

Winning is near impossible

The main disposition of many people about any form of gambling is that you cannot win. This is usually based on the fact that most gamblers do lose. But just because that’s the reality doesn’t mean it’s impossible to win.

The whole point of gambling is that you have a chance to win. It might be slimmer in some situations, but there’s always a chance for you to win something. It’s true that gambling involves a great deal of luck, but this is where poker is different. 

Poker doesn’t only rely on luck; it’s a card game that requires strategy and skill. Whether you’re playing online poker in the Philippines or anywhere else in the world, that remains the same.

Colluding is easily done online

In poker, colluding is defined as when two or more players play “together” to gain an advantage over their opponents. When playing online poker, they communicate through online communication apps or social media to let each other know what cards they have. Sometimes, colluding players make moves to force another player to fold or bet more of their chips.

Colluding does happen in online poker, but it’s not easy to get away with it. It’s also not that easy to do it with great success, even in an online casino. Nowadays, online casinos and poker websites employ techniques to find collusion among players, such as using sophisticated gambling softwares. 

You can’t be certain that you won’t encounter players that cheat in an online poker table, but it’s definitely impossible that there’s always collusion happening every time you play.

You get more bad beats online

“Bad beats” means losing a hand where you have a high probability of winning. This is a misconception that you might hear from many different players on a regular basis. It’s unbelievable how many people believe this, even without actual proof that it’s true.

In terms of numbers, it’s more probable to see bad beats. This usually happens to players that play too many hands per hour. And in reality, they happen roughly in the same proportion when you play live dealer games or in real-life.

Websites ensure that terrible players get lucky

This is linked to the myth about bad beats. People who believe this myth assumes that poker sites can decide who gets what cards and when they get it. This is easily dispelled since it’s a well-known fact that cards are dealt randomly in online poker games.

There are times when you’ll lose because of bad luck, yes, but remember that there are other factors that could cause any player to lose in online poker. It could be because you simply haven’t improved your skills yet. The problem with losing doesn’t always have to be someone or something else; you’ve got to look at yourself too.


The main takeaways from this article are: don’t easily believe everything you hear or read and look at other possibilities. Online poker is an exciting game that you should enjoy without prejudice. Always rely on facts based on your own experience and trusted sources so you can have fun playing this game and any online casino game for that matter.


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