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Is the news cycle about the pandemic stressing you out? Here's what you need to know about finding the perfect cannabis dose.

Understanding the perfect cannabis dosage for stress relief from pandemic news

If you are planning to try weed for anxiety relief during the pandemic, it is perhaps the best way to deal with the situation. However, nailing the right dosage is a concern when you just start with weed. Even seasoned users may get confused about the right quantity over time.

The large variety in strains, methods of consumption, and individual chemistries make it even tougher to decide the right dose for you. Although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all standard, some simple measures can help you determine what works for you. Here are some useful pieces of advice that can help you understand the ideal dosage better.

Start with micro-dosing

Cannabis is incredibly effective even when you consume it in small quantities. It is best to start with micro-dosing, taking very small amounts to experience the high without becoming intoxicated. While this practice is great for beginners, people with cannabinoid sensitivity can avail of its benefits as well. In fact, the substance is biphasic, which indicates that high and low doses can result in opposite effects. However, everything boils down to individual tolerance.

Titrate your dosing

Once you are comfortable with micro-dosing, you may want to move to the next level. Titration of the dosing does the trick as it involves slow increases so that you can handle the effects easily without getting too high. Another aspect of titrating is to understand the amount that works for you, rather than opting for one that works for your friend. The idea is to go low and slow and see how you feel over a few days. Once you can handle a certain level, it is time to get a little more.

Pay attention to the method

Another factor that determines apt dosing is the method of consumption. If you smoke a certain number of THC mg and have it as an edible or sub-lingual tincture, the results will differ for each method. Look for a dispensary that sells cheap ounces Canada and also offers some good advice for dosage based on the product you buy. Apart from the product delivery method, the strain you choose may also have an impact on the amount you take for desired effects. The experts at the dispensary can guide you about weed strains as well.

Understand your tolerance

When it comes to weed consumption, everyone has a tolerance level they will reach for a specific amount and frequency at some point in time. The human body is capable of building cannabis tolerance pretty quickly. The more you use it, the greater will be your tolerance levels. Gradually, you will need to increase the dosage for the same effects. The best way to deal with weed tolerance is to take a break once a while.

Listen to your instincts

Though a friend or colleague who is a seasoned user may have some well-intended advice, it is best to listen to your instincts. Finding a perfect dose that is just right for you is an individual journey and your body is the best guide. Listen to it and observe your reactions closely and you will be able to discover your ideal one sooner rather than later.

Even as you use these products for safe and effective stress relief during the pandemic, make sure that you never overdo things with weed. Low and slow is the best way to go!

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