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Wondering what big Hollywood names support the use of cannabis? Among others, Disney star Bella Thorne is a huge advocate.

Disney star Bella Thorne: Famous names that are huge cannabis advocates

The widespread legalization of cannabis that is gradually spreading from state to state is not just good news for stoners and potheads. Cannabis products also have a wide range of uses when it comes to health, whether it is medical cannabis for those fighting serious illness or CBD products for general wellbeing.

More and more big-name influencers are getting involved in everything from cultivating, feeding and nurturing cannabis plants to launching their own brands. Let’s meet some of the world’s best-known weed lovers.

Bella Thorne

The wide-eyed innocent from the Disney channel is all grown up, and seems determined to become the next Miley Cyrus. As well as posting racy pictures online, she recently launched her own cannabis brand called Forbidden Flowers. The 22 year old actress, singer, writer, internet personality and now cannabis entrepreneur explained to Forbes that she had been using CBD and cannabis to fight anxiety and eating problems for some time and this inspired her to learn more about cannabinoids.

Mike Tyson

Iron Mike has been a vocal supporter of cannabis for years. As well as enjoying more than the occasional recreational spliff, he is keen to educate on the medical benefits. Tyson has gone in at the deep end, investing millions in a cannabis farm. He also plans to launch a cannabis learning centre called Tyson University, where would-be growers can learn everything about cultivating and feeding their plants from professional growers.

Whoopi Goldberg

The star of Sister Act and Ghost was campaigning for the legalization of weed long before it became fashionable to do so, and at a time when it might well have put her on the Hollywood blacklist.

In 2016, she launched Whoopi and Maya, which became one of the best-known medical cannabis brands, aimed specifically at relieving menstrual pain and discomfort. The company ceased operations earlier this year, but Whoopi has hinted that she will soon be back with something even bigger and better. 

Montel Williams

The actor, talk show host, veteran’s advocate and poker player has been a household name for the past 20 years. Coincidentally, that is also the length of time that he has been living with his multiple sclerosis diagnosis. He has been open about his use of medicinal cannabis to help manage his condition, and was an early supporter of legalization. He is the man behind the Montel CBD and THC range, and he gets personally involved in the development of every new product.

Olivia Newton John

Finally, another star who has shared her personal battles in the public arena to advocate for cannabis. The Grease star was diagnosed with breast cancer back in the early 90s, and has been through numerous treatments, including chemo, a partial mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

More than a quarter of a century on, and fighting her third bout against metastasized cancer, she described cannabis as vitally important to her and said it is something to which every cancer patient should have access.

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