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Hemp flowers are available in different forms from leaves to gels to teas and each celebrity has a preference. Here's what we know.

Types of hemp CBD flowers for celebrities

The days of going into the dodgy part of town, to a dark alley, to some shady looking guy to get your cannabis-related products are long gone. These days hemp flower products can be found everywhere. Think of high-end malls, boutique stores, and even  and you will start to get an idea of just how normal using cannabidiol products has become.

You will also be in excellent company, as celebrities including Michael J. Fox, Rob Gronkowski, Nate Diaz, Phil Mickelson, and Kristen Bell are all advocates of using hemp flower products to reduce the effects of stress and aches of our daily life, especially in the post-pandemic world that we are entering. 

Hemp flower products are available in different forms from leaves to gels to teas and each celebrity has a preference and something to say about why they choose to use hemp flower products.

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What celebrities say about using hemp flower products

Michael J. Fox & Hemp Flower

After he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, actor and advocate Michael J. Fox faced a lot of challenges to keep his acting career strong and alive. As a result, Michael ended up retiring in 2000 and launched a Foundation in his name for Parkinson’s Research later in the same year. 

The foundation has done a lot of research around the benefits and side effects of using hemp to alleviate issues surrounding Parkinson’s disease and he says that the plant gave him some hope. He strikes us as the kind of celebrity who would take to our CBD Hemp Flower Lifter range as he has built his life around optimism and overcoming obstacles.

Phil Mickelson

This well-known championship golfer, who has so far won forty-four events on the PGA Golf Tour, which includes 5 major trophies: 3 Master’s titles namely the PGA Championship, and also an Open Championship. Realizing that he is not getting any younger, he is constantly on the lookout for new ways to stay ahead of his game. Hemp flower products and cannabidiol seem to be his latest venture.  

We reckon he is the kind of celebrity who would enjoy using Hawaiian Haze as it will remind him of his next vacation after winning a few more golfing competitions.

Nate Diaz

Highly regarded UFC fighter, none-other than Nate Diaz is no stranger when it comes to controversy, especially around the use of cannabidiol. This surrounds his use of the famous vape pens. Eventually, in a press interview, he announced that it’s hemp flower oil that is in the vape pens. The fighter uses hemp flower oil to help him manage pains and aches in between matches. 

Nate Diaz says that using CBD oil and other hemp products has increased the healing process and lowered inflammation. As someone whose body regularly takes a beating, he knows what he is talking about. We think he would take to Cheef Botanical’s Special Sauce range to help with the recovery times.

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is a former NFL Tight End who retired as a result of the countless injuries sustained during his nine-season football career. He now believes that his soccer career would have turned out differently if he had used hemp flower products at the time. 

Gronkowski first came across hemp flower products when he used a CBD cream to treat a toe injury that came about after a light game of soccer with his girlfriend. Since then, he has become a huge fan of CBD and is one of the celebrities advocating for the removal of CBD from its list of banned substances.

Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell is one actress who is not shy to talk about her experiences when it comes to the topic of mental health. This is something we all need as celebrities and non-celebrities alike to deal with life after the pandemic. 

One thing that helps her calm down and manage her mental health is taking a dropper of CBD oil each morning. With this in mind and the fact that she is a strong woman, a celebrity such as herself would be suited to using Cheef Botanical’s Suzy Q.

Celebrities might have fame and wealth but ultimately they are just people like us. What they can do is introduce us to new ideas and ways of thinking as these have. If the research backs it up, why not try and see if it helps with your pain and or anxiety?


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