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Training dogs starts with a good relationship between the dog and trainer. Here's what we know about treating dog actors with CBD.

Are Dog Actors Treated With CBD?

What is a Dog Actor? 

Being on film is very different for a dog than being just a pet in a home playing in a living room. They are exposed to a lot more stimulation. A dog actor doesn’t just show up in front of a camera and automatically know what to do. There are companies that help dogs in becoming an actor or model. They are given a lot of attention and numerous hours of training. Find out even more about the hemp flower here.

How are Dogs Trained for TV, Commercials, & Movies?

Training dogs starts with a good relationship between the dog and trainer. They are taught commands and they add desensitization to different things the dog might encounter during his or her career then builds in self-control during all types of distraction and environment. It is a process that takes time, patience, and consistency.

Most movie dogs live in homes with their trainers, or some might live at company ranches. In both situations, they receive all-around and around-the-clock care. That includes; vet care, attention or play time, and training. They are also socialized to other animals like cats, dogs, small mammals, etc. but this depends on whatever they may be required to work with on set or if they have to work with another animal. 

Sometimes they are even taught to wear costumes that consist of clothing or even wigs. It is also possible that they might need to wear dog-safe makeup. Trainers will usually bring extra dogs to jobs in order to get them used to riding vehicles, to socialize them to the activity of a film set, and to work on their training. All which require continual upkeep.

Dogs in Movies 

Many movie dogs are adopted from rescues and shelters, although some are bought from breeders. They are picked based on how much the training companies think they will work, as this is how they will make money. Production companies typically pick dogs based on what they think will be most pleasing to the audience. As they are part of the business, they do receive the best care possible, paid for the companies who will spare no expense to keep them in a healthy condition.

It is important that the dogs chosen for a movie are non-aggressive and can work safely around actors. Production companies also have to make sure that actors and the crew are safe. It also helps if they are young enough so that they can handle this type of lifestyle and have the drive to work. Of course if the dog is old enough is not in a condition that he or she can work they are retired. Usually, they live out their days with other pets living with one of their trainers. It is also possible for them to be given as a pet in a nursing home or to a loving family looking to adopt a pet.

Movie dogs have some of the most enriching lives possible for a dog. Their work keeps their bodies and brain active. They are also always experiencing new things, so it is never boring for them. It is always made sure that they are comfortable. They have crates in their trainer’s vehicle which they can use to rest. This serves as a safe space for them to sleep in when they are not working.

What Is CBD?

As a responsible pet owner, your dog’s wellness is as important as yours. With any pet comes an obligation or responsibility to make sure they are healthy and protected from any sickness or harm. We know how much you love your pet and continue to look for ways to make them happy and healthy. 

Nowadays, CBD has been the talk of the town. Now that cannabis is legal in most states, many are using CBD for chronic conditions like pain and anxiety. Whether it be for humans, cats, and even dogs- you’ll find it everywhere! Research has shown the many positive effects CBD has on pets, especially dogs. 

Cannabidiol is a natural substance that comes from active compounds found in Cannabis. Cannabis is a natural chemical found in a marijuana plant.  Unlike THC, it does not have psychoactive properties that make you “high”. In humans, CBD is a good way to relieve anxiety, helps people in neurodegenerative disorders, reduces the seizures of people with epilepsy, relieves pain in different parts of the body, fights off acne, and has been found to treat cancer. CBD can be used in different ways and the amount of healing properties it has helped many. 

The Effect of CBD in Dogs

CBD not only helps humans like you, but it can also help your furry friend from different ailments. Unlike the consumption of humans, many do not know that CBD oil can work for dogs too. Here are the positive effects of CBD for dogs:

  • Arthritis
  • Pain
  • Seizures
  • Cancer
  • Anxiety

Although CBD oil can be a great way to treat certain ailments in dogs, there are a few side effects worth noting. 

  • Drowsiness – Although CBD is used for anxiety, its calming properties may also cause drowsiness due to a higher dosage. Make sure to give your dogs the right amount so that this does not happen. 
  • Dry Mouth – CBD has shown to decrease a dog’s production of saliva which can mean an increased level of thirst. 
  • Lower Blood Pressure – Depending on the dosage of CBD, it can cause a temporary drop in blood pressure which may lead your pet dog feeling light-headed. 

CBD for Dog Actors

Dog actors are most likely treated like normal celebrities. With the amount of training they are required to endure, it is important for them to receive the best of the best treatment. There are many options for healthcare, wellness treatments and a wide variety of CBD dog treats available. This is a CBD-infused pet nutrition treat that will not only be given as a reward, but will also help a dog focus its attention during their training. Celebrity dog trainers or professional dog trainers will recommend a wide array of CBD products as these are wonderful for the betterment of your furry friend. 

As stated above, there are many reasons as to why CBD is good for your dog’s health. While CBD may be taboo, it is not a secret that dog actors are being showered by so many CBD products out on the market. There are so many types of CBD infused products available! Products such as CBD oil tinctures, CBD supplements, and CBD dog treats. If these are given to dog actors, we are sure that they are safe and healthy for your dogs too!


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