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Many people going through divorce cannot reach an understanding with their partners and struggle to settle matters on their own. Here's why.

Divorce: Three Reasons to Steer Clear of Family Court

Many divorcing people cannot reach an understanding with their partners and thus struggle to settle their money matters, custody issues, and so forth. Even though these couples have many problems that seem to be extremely hard to resolve without trial, most of them still prefer to go without the latter. It is reported that less than 10% of cases end up in court. Nevertheless, this percentage still represents plenty of cases. For this very reason, most family courts have a lot to do and thus are very likely to experience everlasting backlogs.

While there will always be cases that cannot be resolved without family court, most divorcing couples that end up on trial don’t really enjoy this sort of experience nor benefit from it and thus are recommended to avoid it at whatever the cost. 

It is also suggested that those partners that go to court are more likely to face lots of problems related to co-parenting than their counterparts who prefer to obtain online divorce services and settle everything amicably. If you still have some doubts, then read the following reasons why you should avoid going to family court:

1. You will have to get a lawyer

Since the family justice system is very hard to navigate without specific knowledge, most certainly you will need a legal backup. Commonly, people seek legal support hardly they start preparing their divorce packet, not to mention filing a complaint. This is mainly because of a great number of rules that they must follow and the court staff is not supposed to provide them with any legal support.

Truth be told, you will be given the paperwork that you have to do in accordance with your particular situation, but no instructions will be provided. If you make any mistake in your paperwork, your motions may be denied. If this happens, you will be asked to re-do your documents that will take extra time and effort. 

For this very reason, if you cannot get divorce papers online, it is highly recommended to get an attorney, who is aware of all court rules and who can help you get the relief that you seek after.

2. Your legal fees will be increased

As soon as you file a complaint, you will have to attend as many settlement conferences as needed. Take note that these conferences may require you and your attorney to stay in court a few full days and thus may result in increased legal fees.

Truth be told, attending them may cost you a fortune in the long run. For this very reason, it would be better if your couple negotiates important issues in advance with or without your attorneys and tries to complete divorce online. Hiring a mediator who will help you settle all matters at a reasonable price is a great alternative, too.   

3. You don’t want anybody to decide for your family

What is going on between you and your spouse affects not only your lives and wellbeing but also the lives of all your family members. No matter how disappointed or anxious you are, taking care of your kids and acting in their best interests is your number one priority. It is believed that it is better for parents to make their own choices that are best for their kids rather than let a stranger in black decide for them and their little ones.

Given the said, it makes sense to try and settle your all issues with your wife/husband with or without a legal counsel so that you two can have a no-fault divorce. This is how you can avoid leaving your and your kids’ wellbeing in the hands of a judge who doesn’t know anything about your life and thus doesn’t know what is better for you and your little ones.

Going through a divorce process is tough on everyone, and your kids are not an exception. When your children are involved, things are getting even worse. For this very reason, you should steer clear of family court, where normally a judge will decide for you whom your kids will live with, how often you or your ex-partner will be allowed to meet your little ones, how much you will pay/get from your ex, etc. 

Keep in mind that when your case is about to go to trial, you and your partner are very likely to get into a long legal battle that is both emotionally and financially draining. If you don’t want this, then do your best to resolve your issues amicably.

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