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If you thought jumping rope is only reserved for children’s play, then you are wrong. Here's how you can burn calories and have fun.

Burn calories: Top 4 reasons for jumping rope

If you thought jumping rope is only reserved for children’s play, then you are wrong. This form of exercise is suitable for people of all ages and gender in all countries. It promotes total body workout quickly while providing you with a daily dose of cardio exercise. 

According to Clinton Maclin, ACSM CEP CPO and workout physiologist at Piedmont Atlanta Fitness Center, the best jumping rope is an amazing body exercise known to engage all your major muscle groups. 

He further explains that jump rope can be used as a stand-alone exercise or to warm up because it incorporates resistance training and cardiovascular exercise. In any casing getting an overall body burn is not enough for you, check out the following four reasons for incorporating jumping rope in your exercise routine:

1- Jumping rope burns more calories in a short time

You are likely to burn more calories in a short while using your jumping rope. This is achievable in just five minutes of continuous rope jumping compared to spending the same time on a treadmill or walking. Also, this exercise helps you workout your lower and upper body parts including your core thanks to the resistance it offers. 

2- Jumping rope is the most affordable exercise

Most jump ropes are affordable and readily available for anyone. They are extremely lightweight, meaning that you can take them with you wherever you go. Most importantly, you can jump rope anywhere and at any time provided that there is a firm floor and a high enough ceiling. 

3- Jumping rope increases the intensity of circuit training workout

Take advantage of your jump rope to gain a milestone in high-intensity interval training during your usual workout. You can incorporate this exercise with a few push-ups in one station, several squats and calf raises in another, and eventually end by performing some jump ropes at another station. Mixing jumping rope with other exercises will definitely help you achieve your fitness goals in a matter of days or weeks.

4- Jumping rope can improve your coordination

Doing jump rope exercises may improve the coordination of key body parts such as your feet and hands. It can strengthen the muscles around your ankle joints and feet. Furthermore, it can reduce cases of ankle and foot injuries, leaving you stronger and more confident. 

But first, you need to choose the right jump rope to correspond with your height. Keep in mind that when your rope is too long, you will enjoy high jumps and swing wider or even wrap the same rope around your wrists. 

Below is the guideline to follow when looking for your jump rope:

  • The 7ft.rope for adults standing 4ft-4ft 9 inches tall
  • The 8ft rope for adults standing 4ft 10 inches-5ft 3inches tall
  • The 9ft rope for adults standing 5ft 4inches-5ft-10inches tall
  • The 10ft rope for adults standing 5ft 11inches-6ft 5 inches tall
  • The 11ft rope for adults standing 6ft 6 inches tall or more

Final Thought

Once you have your rope ready, you may start by making a minimum of 25 revolutions in four sets. You may progress to more revolutions as you get used to this workout. Within a short time, you will reap great benefits of exercising with a jump rope.

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