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Looking to get in better shape? Check out these crucial tips on how to fit health and fitness into your daily routine.

Going the extra mile: Simple health & fitness moves for the pandemic season

As the pandemic season is around, it seems that self-care is on top of everyone’s agenda. Right now, self-care is not just about boosting your fitness and immunity but ensuring holistic health. A healthy body and mind make you capable of warding away infections and keeping sickness at bay while staying mentally sane even in isolation. 

Right now, you need to focus on healthier lifestyle patterns that prioritize balanced nutrition, physical fitness, mental sanity, and overall wellness. Fortunately, achieving them all together is easier than it sounds, provided that you take the right approach. Let us highlight how you can go the extra mile with some simple self-care moves during the pandemic season. 

Maintain a routine

Sticking to the basics is only half the work done when it comes to self-care during such unprecedented times. While you cannot overlook the value of a nutritious diet and regular exercise to boost your immunity, you can expect to avail of their benefits only if you maintain a routine. 

Skipping a meal is easy if you are working from home, or you may simply have late nights when the kids aren’t going to school the next morning. You may be tempted to take a couple of days off exercise every week. But these small cheats can affect overall wellness. Write your daily routine and paste it on the kitchen wall to ensure that you stay on track.

Don’t let stress get you

The extra-long WFH stint and the absence of social outings are bound to make you feel stressed out. Notice the early signs of stress and take apt measures to deal with it. Including meditation and deep breathing in your routine is an excellent idea. You can go the extra mile by using medical marijuana for anxiety. 

The best thing is that you can start simple, without investing in fancy equipment. Check to get started with your smoking stint. Once you are comfortable with cannabis for anxiety relief, you can graduate to other methods like dabbing, vaping, and edibles.

Pamper yourself

Perhaps the easiest and most enjoyable self-care measure for the pandemic season is pampering yourself. Take one day off for yourself every week. You can request your partner to pitch in if there are kids to handle. Start your day with a massage followed by an aromatic bath. 

Plan an in-house date with your partner or a virtual one if you aren’t together. If you are single, you can have a virtual get-together with your gang. Dress in your favorite outfit, wear make-up, and style your hair, and you will instantly feel like your fun-loving self. Make it a cheat day when it comes to eating and drinking, and you can plan a detox day ahead to get your system on track.

These unconventional self-care ideas can take you a long way in terms of staying fit and healthy throughout the pandemic season. Just stay connected with yourself and your loved ones, and you will be able to breeze through the most challenging times.

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