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So, what are you supposed to do when you need to keep an active toddler inside while not letting them destroy the house? Here's how.

Need to keep your toddlers active? Here’s the perfect product for you

The Coronavirus crisis is unprecedented. With every human at risk for the disease, some higher than others, it’s important that we practice social distancing if we go out, and stay inside as much as possible. 

But that’s not easy when your job is still open if you work in an essential industry, or if you’re working from home with young kids getting cabin fever. With schools, preschools, and daycares closed until further notice, parents are feeling the strain and stuck becoming their kids’ teachers for the time being.

So, what are you supposed to do when you need to keep an active toddler inside while not letting them destroy the house? Simple. Get them the Costzon Crawl and Climb Foam Play Set. With code B58GHT6X, the playset is less than $100! 

Education with a side of fun

This five piece playset is the perfect way to combine active playtime with learning for your toddler. With a variety of shapes and colors at the hands of your toddler, they can continue to stay on track with their development. This isn’t just some random play set, it’s the best way to get their attention to teach them their colors and shapes. 

Plus, you can choose what colors to get the pieces in, to make it easier to teach just primary colors, all colors, or specifically pink and blue. Of course, with any playset, you want to know it’s safe to bring into your home and won’t hurt your child if playtime gets a little rough. 

Foam not too soft, not too hard

The foam used in the Costzon Crawl and Climb playset is meant to cushion your child no matter what playtime brings. The interior fabric is a plush cotton while the outside is a tough leather ready to take whatever the day brings. Even if playtime gets a little messy, the playset is easy to clean. Plus, the shapes are designed without any sharp corners, making it easy to keep your child safe during playtime. 

Not a waste of space

No matter if you have a huge playroom or a tiny spot in your home office, the Crawl and Climb playset is adaptable to your surroundings. With all five pieces separate, you can arrange them in whatever way works best for you and your child. Once playtime ends, the shapes are lightweight, making storage a breeze. 

A great deal for Film Daily readers

With the pandemic going on, we know cash is a bit strapped at this time. So as a special deal in this trying time, Costzon is knocking the price below $100. If you use code B58GHT6X when buying the Costzon Crawl and Climb playset on Amazon, it’s only $98.59. The code is good through the end of April, so hop on this opportunity before it slips away!

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