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Michelle Rose's new music video "Ghosted" is just another reason to keep your eye on the rising career of this singer.

“Ghosted”: A horror music video directed by Michelle Rose

“Ghosted” is the latest music video to come from Michelle Rose. Rose is a singer, currently studying vocal performance, songwriting, and music production at the Berklee College of Music. Rose also enjoys acting, as well as creating and directing her own music videos.

Michelle Rose’s music video for “Ghosted” is bold, dark, and captivating. In fact, Rose seems to have a habit of creating beautifully saturated videos with fun costumes, and well chosen settings.

“Ghosted” is no exception. Stunning make-up, anachronistic costumes, and a well told visual story invite viewers into a mirror world of ghosts, hauntings, and revenge – all in just over four minutes. Plus, a relatable & fun sounding song most people wouldn’t mind blasting in their car while driving.

Michelle Rose’s collaborative music video with Poem King, is just one of many videos in her impressive portfolio. Rose doesn’t just create horror stories with her music video, her videos for “Come Away with Me” and “You’re the Kinda Guy” are bright, colorful, and fun.

About “Ghosted” Rose says: “This is a horror-themed music video. It was a really special project for me because the spoken word lyrics were written & performed by my boyfriend, POEM KING, who was also the lead character in my video. It was so fun to create art together!”

Michelle Rose has over thirty songs to her name already, and has been recording original music since she was eleven years old – she began classical vocal training at age six. In her teen years Rose trained in various genres including pop, R&B, and even opera.

Currently Rose is working on a full length album with her producer Dr. Matt Fink who also worked with Prince. While many of her songs aren’t yet ready for streaming or purchase you can get a quick listen to them on her website.

In her spare time Rose is also dedicated to her volunteer work. She has over 2,500 hours of volunteer service, and also uses her love of singing & performing to benefit charities, including singing the national anthem for the Susan G. Komen walk in the Twin Cities.

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