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There are many different kinds of music in the world. Find out what the top ten types of music are.

Top ten types of music

Music can heal at any moment and recall memories. You would hardly find anyone that doesn’t prefer music. But the type of music you’ll find interesting will vary on your taste, circumstances and all other things. Well, to know more about music, keep reading this writing.

Music style

Well, the music style defines the genres basically. There are some types of categories in music. Today here we’ll just discuss the top ten genres of music. So let’s jump into the topic directly:

  • Rock music
  • Pop music
  • Jazz music
  • Hip hop music
  • Folk music
  • Classical music
  • Heavy metal
  • Country music
  • Soul music
  • Electronic music

Rock music

In late 1940, rock music rolled into the industry with a great fanbase. With time, this has changed the style of presenting until the 1960s. This originated in the USA as rock & roll. The music is generally centered upon the electric guitar.

Pop music

Well, Pop music was discovered in the middle of 1950. Historically it made the first move in the USA. The stylistic origin of pop music is Traditional pop, rock & roll. If you want to know, the king of melody is Michael Jackson.

Jazz music

Jazz has always been a place of class and unique taste. This music originated somewhere in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This one has made the first move through the African-American communities.

Hip hop music

Hip hop is always known as a kind of rap music, originated in the 1970s. The origin of hip hop music is a duo, reggae, dancehall, jazz, toasting, performance poetry, etc. The core instruments of this music are, drum machine, keyboard, music sequencer.

Folk music

That 20th century blessed the world with the joy of Folk music. This carries a traditional vibe of every country. This has owned the crown of popularity since the medieval period. With every century, folk music has changed its style and terms. But still, every tradition expresses its feelings through Folk music.

Classical music

Classical music is art music that carries an aesthetic vibe with it. The golden decade of transformation of classical music was placed from 1750 to 1820. From the 6th century to today’s date, classical music has a soothing vibe in it.

Heavy metal

Well, heavy metal gets confused sometimes with rock and roll. Though they’ve similarities, heavy metal is totally a different type. In the 1960s, heavy metal came out from the genre of rock music. The stylistic origin of heavy metal is Blue rocks, acid rocks, etc.

Country music

Country music is also identified as country and western music. It has the touch of various roots as American folk and new Mexican. Country music generally carries instruments, Like banjos, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, etc.

Soul music

Soul music is basically the one that developed from the root of the Africa American community. It has been made the first move somewhere in the 1950s to the 1960s. Also, you’ll find the touch extreme intense feeling in the soul music vocal.

Electronic music

Electronic music is a prevalent type among all. This basically is known as club music, dance music & party music. The stylistic origin of electronic music is modernism, futurism, etc. The cultural genesis can be said around the late 19th and the early 20th century.

Final words

Music is the medicine undoubtedly and Vocal Bop helps to get all information when and where the concert will start. And the types of music carry different kinds of music. Many people have many choices. 

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