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Watch the National Finals Rodeo online for free with this guide. Plus, learn about the events that are taking place.

WATCH NFR Live Stream 2020 Online: Date, Time, The Cowboy Channel, RFD-TV NFR 2020 Programming

NFR, which stands for National Finals Rodeo, is the annual 2020 Rodeo event, which is a 10-day event that is going to take place at the Global Life Field, which is located in Arlington, Texas, United States. With events like Bareback Riding, and Time-down Roping, and Bull Riding, Barrel Racing, Steer Wrestling, Saddle Bronc Riding, Team Roping, and so many more, the event would be super entertaining and one of the most competitive Rodeo events that people will witness. As a Rodeo fan, prepare your cowboy or cowgirl outfits for this mind-blowing event.

NFR 2020 Live Coverage:

Event: National Finals Rodeo 2020

Start Date: 03-12 December 2020

Location: Globe Life Field Stadium

Organizer: Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

TV Network: The Cowboy Channel

Live Stream: Watch Online

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Date and Time

Do not even think of missing this exciting show. It will be great. The NFR Live Stream will be taking place as follows:


Starts on Thursday, 3rd December 2020

Ends on Saturday, 12th December 2020


Officially, the events will be held from 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm each night

Events broadcasted on cable from 7 pm, pacific time

If you want to know when to watch this ten-day event, tune in to the Cowboy Channel from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, where you can get involved in a number of activities. The official NFR performances for the night show would take place from 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm. You can find the schedule on their official site.

How to Watch NFR 2020 Live Stream

If you are wondering how to watch NFR 2020, then let me tell you that there are numerous ways by which you can stream the NRF show and watch it. However, some of the best methods are by streaming them in the following ways.

  • The Cowboy Channel
  • RFD-TV
  •  WranglerNFRlive.Com
  • The Cowboy Channel Plus
  • Wrangler Network Stream
  • Rural Radio Sirius XM NFR Audio Broadcast

Ways to Watch NFR 2020 on The Cowboy Channel

PRCA officially broadcasts Cowboy Channel. Cowboy Channel can be watched through mobile apps and any TV streaming services.

The Cowboy Channel is here and accessible for everyone through Dish Network-232, Cox-260, and Directv-603. Here are a few platforms that will let you enjoy Rural Media:

 More Ways to Stream the Cowboy Channel

These are the ways to stream the Cowboy Channel. The supported platforms are:

  • AT&T (Channel 568 & 1568)
  • Cox
  • Charter Spectrum
  • DIRECTV (Channel 345)
  • Comcast
  • Sling TV’s Heartland Package
  • Suddenlink
  • DISH (Channel 231)
  • Mediacom

How to Stream NFR 2020 Live with RFD-TV 

You can also watch NRF with the RED-TV. There are several apps and platforms which support RED-TV to watch NFR.

More Ways to Stream the RFD-TV  

These are the ways to stream the RED-TV. The supported platforms are:

Android 4.4+

Amazon Fire TV

IOS 9.0+


Android TV 5.0+

Apple TV 9.0+

Web: Chrome, Firefox, IE11, Edge

NFR Events 2020

There are lovely and exciting events that one can watch in National Finals Rodeo, which would keep everyone on edge. These events include:

Bronc Riding

One of the most sought events in NRF is the Bronc Riding. In this event, the cowboys ride a sturdy horse and use their wonderful brake techniques and sheer strength to control those agile horses while these horses try hard to throw off their rides and buck them off.

Bull Riding

This is the most dangerous of all Rodeo events where the bull rider, who is the participant, has to ride the bull similarly to the horse-riding competition. There are differences, though. The rider has to remain on the bull for at least 8 seconds. This is done through a rope tightly wound around the legs of the bull. Another condition is that the bull rider has to keep one hand free, hanging high and without touching the bull.

Barrel Racing

There are three barrels placed in a triangle on the ground in this event, and the horse riders have to move their horses through it.

Steer Wrestling

This event, which is the most violent one, witnesses the struggle between the fighter and the steer where the rider jumps off the horseback to get the steer and then dominates it.

Team Roping

In this event where both men and women can participate, the header tries to catch the steer’s head with the lasso, and then the healer tries to tie up the steer’s legs with rope.

Steer Riding

Made for Kids of 8-14 years, they mount and ride a steer in this event.

TV Program

If you reside outside the USA, do not worry, you still have the opportunity to watch it online. You can get a VPN and use it by connecting through it and signing up for a trial version for YouTube, Sling TV, Live TV, and so on. Otherwise, you can sign up for ProRodeoTv and watch it there. This is applicable to Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico and Australia.

Last Words

For anyone who loves sports and especially Rodeo events, the National Finals Rodeo 2020 would definitely be something that all the fans would enjoy to their fullest. Let not the finances stop you, for this would be something that you would never regret to attend.

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