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Here's everything you need to know about Bob Baffert's horse, Authentic, and their upcoming races.

Baffert’s Authentic: Potential running on this year’s major horse racing event

Every horse racing fan has waited long enough for the Triple Crown Series’s comeback, and their wait has never been in vain. Many unfortunate circumstances have led the horse racing association to make significant changes to this year’s greatest horse racing event. 

But all of that has been put in the past. Right after the Belmont Stakes, the Kentucky Derby ran second in the event with Authentic declared as the winner. With these racing results, Bob Baffert earned his sixth Kentucky Derby win. 

But what’s more exciting with this result is what awaits Baffert and Authentic for the last part of the Triple Crown leg, the Preakness Stakes 2020. Before we jump into the excitement, let’s look at the training routines Baffert has for Authentic, his current odds, and what to look forward to this coming November.

Baffert on training Authentic

Bob Baffert has long been known to be a professional and winning horse trainer. He previously trained horse racing champions, Justify in 2018, American Pharaoh in 2015, 2002 was with War Emblem, and a consecutive Derby wins in 1997 with Silver Charm and 1998 with Real Quiet. 

And with his recent win at the Kentucky Derby with Authentic, this marks another triumph for Baffert. But the question is, how did he train Authentic? His preparations before the Kentucky Derby made Authentic lead the entire run even if running with Tiz the Law. 

According to Baffert, Authentic was training lights out. He has the best training routine he ever had. And to think it was challenging to set up training due to the ongoing pandemic, it was a wonder that the training and the hassle paid off. Also, his power training at Del Mar completing his penultimate workout mile run at 1:38.60 has shown during the Kentucky Derby. 

But it’s not only a hat off to Baffert and the training team, but professional horse jockey John Velazquez deserves applause too. Velasquez gathered his third Kentucky Derby win as he rode Authentic to finish the race at 2:00.61. A thrilling distance between Tiz the Law, Mr. Big News, and Honor A. P. on his tail.

Authentic current preakness odds

Now that the Triple Crown series’s two major legs have ended, what awaits and reserved for last is the Preakness Stakes 2020. Formerly known as the “Middle Jewel” of the Triple Crown Series, the Preakness Stakes is set to run last this year due to pandemic. This set of racing horses is set to run at 1 3⁄16 mi (9.5 furlongs; 1,900 m). 

What’s exciting for the coming race is the current Preakness odds of the favorite horses such as Tiz the Law and Authentic, all of which are champion horses of Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby, respectively. Though it doesn’t end there, it seems that it won’t just be Tiz the Law that will challenge Authentic for the Triple Crown’s finale leg, but there will be three more.

Underdogs who performed their best during their previous races, Mr. Big News that came close between Tiz the Law and Authentic during the Kentucky Derby. And the potential appearance of Thousand Words (trained by Baffert and stablemate of Authentic), Pneumatic, Happy Saver, and Art Collector, which all are new shooters in the race. 

But all of these are just early predictions by Coley Blind, the Maryland Jockey Club stakes coordinator, and has been the gatekeeper for the Triple Crown Series for 12 years. The final submission is set on September 28, and from there, we will see a lot of shifting in the current Preakness odds than we have right now.

Looking forward to October

Winning the Kentucky Derby was a victorious day for Bob Baffert, John Velasquez, Authentic, and the rest of the team, but it doesn’t end there. Preakness Stakes will be run in October, and we only have a few days to see Authentic and the other potential horses to prepare and train for the final leg of the series. 

A lot of things will happen during those days. There might be a lot of shifting of the current odds and changes of fan favorites. During the Kentucky Derby, Authentic was actually an underdog with an 8 – 1 odds compared to Tiz the Law being the crowd and fan favorite to lead the race with a 3 – 5 odds. 

Tiz the Law holds the upper hand as he recently won the Belmont Stakes, but to everyone’s surprise, Authentic obliged and shocked the virtual crowd. That is one example of how things will turn differently, and everyone is looking forward to what will happen come October.


It was indeed a challenging year for all horse racing fans, jockeys, trainers, and even the horses themselves. Now, running and closing the series, Preakness Stakes 2020 is set to run in October. Authentic winning the Kentucky Derby is highly anticipated to join the race. Everybody is looking forward to what he will do and what Bob Baffert will do to prepare his winning horse this October. But before all of that, let’s hold our horses and wait for September 28 to see the final list, and hopefully, we can see Authentic on the list.

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