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Get yourself comfortable on your couch, and login to Reddit to watch your favorite team’s sporting match. Find out more now!

What sort of sporting events can I live stream on Reddit?

You make some popcorn, get yourself comfortable on your couch, and you login to Reddit to watch your favorite team’s sporting match. Only this time, you’re met with the words “message error” after clicking on the streaming link of your sport’s subreddit page. 

If you’re a fan of sports, it’s probably not news to you that Reddit has been cracking down on the streaming subreddits. Streaming sports games is illegal and damages corporations that have acquired the broadcast rights. 

Unlike downloadable content, streaming connections are hard to track & take down. Thus, Reddit banned subreddit pages that have been streaming games to avoid these links from spreading. 

After kicking the couch a few times and crying out in anger, Reddit users are wondering, “Where can I watch the match?”

Streaming sporting events on Reddit has become illegal; however, there are still ways of working around the law to watch your favorite sporting event! is a free streaming platform that allows you to watch any sport you wish. All major tournaments can be viewed, such as UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Spanish League, Copa America, NHL ice hockey, and NBA basketball. Users can see highlights and live scores from any sports team they are interested in.

You can add personal comments to the game you are watching in the comments section listed under the stream. However, you must create a free account to use this feature.

To use users need to install the flash player for browser playbacks and install SopCast software on the computer for SopCast streaming.

Yahoo Sports app

Another way to stream sports games online for free is through the Yahoo Sports app. However, fans are only able to watch games broadcasted in their local TV market. This option is great for streaming local games and is not available to fans outside of the U.S..

Paid options with free trials

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of reliable sites that offer sports fans to stream their services for free. The next best thing, though, is sites that offer users free trials. 

By using Hulu+LiveTV, users can watch ESPN, NBC, Fox, and CBS. The various channels give users many options for sporting events to choose from.

With FuboTV, subscribers have access to sports channels, including ESPN & NFL Network. 

YouTube TV is perhaps one of the better options as users can access every sports channel they want. 

Although most of them require a fee, there are many options to choose from to stream sporting events online.

Streaming sporting events on Reddit has been banned; be sure to have a look at these streaming options next time you want to watch a game from home!

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